Vivant Skin Care

This company focuses mainly on selling products that treat all types of skin conditions. Some of the areas that their products focus on include melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne treatment, as well as serums and creams specifically focused to help eliminate or reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

viviant skin care review

Vivant Skin Care Reviews

Another important factor to weigh if you are considering purchasing Vivant Skin Care products is that they were designed with different skin tones and skin types in mind. As an example, they have merchandise that specifically focuses on darker skin tones, and they can even help to improve the symptoms of skin discoloration that are often more prominent in individuals with this skin type.

At this time, the company has more than 30 offerings for those looking to put together a high quality skin care regimen and in particular these products are geared towards those who are looking to turn back the hands of time by fighting wrinkles as well as treating skin discoloration.

The product line itself offers a wide variety of options. Some of their better choices include items for the lips, eyes, masks, toners and cleansers to name just a few. You can buy these products directly over the Internet by purchasing them from the company’s website. Or if you prefer, you can contact your local spa to find out if they have this product line available. It is available in many spas all across the United States of America. And for those international folks looking to try this product line, do not worry because they ship internationally as well. So realize that there is something available for everyone and you can get access to these offerings all over the globe.

A History of Vivant Skin Care Products

Vivant Skin Care, the lineup of beauty products that we are currently discussing, was originally created back in 1990 by a medical doctor named James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D.

Like many of the acne treatments currently on the market today, the creator literally invented this line because he suffered from severe acne for over 40 years and nothing on the market was capable of helping him. He devoted his entire life’s work to creating skin care formulas that can fight against acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Prior to creating Vivant Skin Care, Dr. Fulton actually had his career going in a completely different direction, although on a similar and parallel path. You see, prior to this, he actually ran a chain of acne care clinics. He was even one of the pioneers in the microdermabrasion field. So it should be quite obvious that he has many years of knowledge and experience in the skin care industry. He creates products that you can trust, and they always have an excellent reputation so you know that they work.

Vivant Skin Care really began to take off in the 1990s, in the early part of the decade, when Dr. Fulton and his wife Sarah started to market the line to the general public. They started selling it to skin care clinics and spas all around the United States of America. This was the beginning, and the company still continues to go strong even though Dr. Fulton died in 2013.

The company is still vibrant and working hard to create many wonderful skin care formulas for clients all around the globe. And not only that, but these wonderful formulas are being offered to customers like you and me, no matter where you happen to live, and they can be purchased directly through the company website.

Vivant Skin Care: The Product Line

They currently offer a wide range of Vivant Skin Care products for all different skin types and skin care needs. The products have all different types of uses and benefits, and some things that you can expect include benzoyl peroxide acne cleansers, mandelic acid toners for hyperpigmentation treatments, as well as many other offerings to clear up all types of skin problems.

Not only that, but they have many wonderful hydration formulas that are perfect for the lips and skin. They will help you look and feel younger in no time at all. As well, many of the products that they sell contain some of the most potent anti aging ingredients including peptides, vitamin A, retinol, branched-chain amino acids, ingredients to help boost the production of collagen, and even ingredients that help to create new skin cells. All in all, these wonderful ingredients will help to improve the overall appearance of your skin, and if you pay close attention to many of the reviews online, you’ll see that this company has had thousands of happy customers throughout the last 25 years.

Where Can I Purchase Vivant Skin Care Products?

Knowing about this incredible product line is one thing, but actually purchasing the merchandise and trying it out for yourself is a whole different story. There are a number of different ways that you can purchase Vivant Skin Care products easily and conveniently.

First off, the simplest way to make this happen is to go to the company website. When you go to the website, please do yourself a favor and take a look around. Read all about the available products that they have. Take a close look at the description. See if you can determine if any of the benefits are going to be good for you. Then add them to your shopping cart and go through the simple checkout process.

If you prefer to shop in an actual brick and mortar location, you also have the option to buy directly from a spa or certain available local stores in your area. Use the store or spa finder on the website to see if you can find a local reseller in your area.

The prices of these products are basically in line with many other skin care companies. You’ll pay about $25 on the low end, and on the higher end of the spectrum the products cost about $90 or so. And this is about what you can expect from any skin care company.

Vivant Skin Care
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