StriVectin reviewsStriVectin Review 

StriVectin is a U.S. cosmetics company based in the sate of New York with corporate offices in Raleigh, New York and Tucson, Arizona. They have been around for 35 years and at this time they maintain a number of retailer shops throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia and their products are sold through all major department stores.

Some of their discoveries have been patented. The most notable patent pertains to the NIA-114 niacin molecule, which is the basic ingredient of their best seller series NIA-114 (6 million products sold). 90 other patents followed globally while 30 independent clinical studies were conducted about their products and 150 papers have been published on their research.

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They maintain that all their products are free from the very dangerous substances of parabens and sulfates as per the guidelines of the FDA.

The Product Lines

The latest series released are the StriVectin SD Advanced. There is a total of 40 products available that provide solutions for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Brightening the skin
  • Tightening and lifting
  • Sun protection
  • Advanced Retinol
  • Anti-Aging
  • Professional Use

Contrary to other companies, the majority of the products are sold to the general public. However, the fact that the same products are sold for professional use as well, is a sign of above a certain level quality, considering that most professionals would not use bad products to avoid damaging the brand name they have created for themselves.

How they do business

As aforementioned the products are sold through the company’s own retailer shops and all major department stores. Compared to other similar products they are considerably more expensive, a fact that maybe justifiable by the extensive research and clinical trials involved. Either that, or they offer to high commissions to the business owners that sell their products.

In fact, every product comes with a clinical trial attached to it. Unfortunately these trials mention only that they were conducted independently (not at which trial facility or how the study was conducted) and without study references. There is no reason to believe that this anything more than an oversight, but it would be nice if more references were included. It would solidify the validity of the claims.

The ratings

StriVectin is one of the companies that has very few non-positive reports. By non-positive we mean that the customer ratings were neutral. At a percentage of almost 4.75 over 5 the opinions range from slightly positive to all-out positive. In a total of 130 reports, we did not find one that mentioned that using the products created any sort of problem.

Again, there is no reason to doubt the posting of these reviews, but it is rather puzzling. Since there are very problematic skins out there and, regardless of the name of the cosmetic to be used, it is always strongly recommended to perform a skin profiling, even at the very top companies there were reports that in serious underlying medical conditions the products created problems. Here we did not find any such report which means that either StriVectin products are extremely neutral (which is a very good thing) or that people did not bother posting such reports (for any reason).

Another surprising issue about the customer opinions is that many of the products are effective in more ways than one and that they come in a single version for all skin types.

Any complaints that exist speak about poor explanations of how each product works on the company’s website, poor explanation of how each ingredient works, no risk-free trials offered and that in some cases they take longer than usual to be effective.

An issue that should raise some concern to the administrators of StriVectin is that people claim that there are a lot of unauthorized retail shops selling their products. They should definitely look into it because it is a detriment to their brand name.


Judging by:

  • the awarded patents for research results that pioneered solutions
  • the overwhelming number of awards by serious organizations and institutions
  • the history that goes back 35 years which means that people accept what StriVectin has to offer
  • the scientific papers written about the products
  • the expansion of the company to five continents
  • the availability of products either through a store or online

It is fair to say that this company is one of the strongest names in the cosmetics industry. If there is a cloud in an otherwise clear sky, this is the price of the products. At a time that most of the economies of the developed countries are undergoing a crisis and people do not have a lot of money to spend, it would be good to reduce the selling prices a little. It will be good for the business and it will be great for the brand name.

It will also show people that not everything is done for profit. It will show some appreciation for the people that for 35 years have kept StriVectin alive.

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