Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

Shiseido is one of those premium brands that consumers wrongly presume does everything right. Their eye contour cream is a magnum opus of a disappointment given the expensive price range it falls into, much like most of their products. Customers have repeatedly spoken about the formulation and why it simply does not do what it claims to.

Product Review for the Shiseido Wrinkle Resist Eye Contour Creams

Major Failings

  • The ingredients list falls short of impressive since you get the feel of mineral oil or Vaseline and water. There is a severe lack of patented ingredients which you will undoubtedly find in another brand for the same price. You also do not get potent anti oxidants which is probably the least that the premium brand could have done with their formulation.
  • It works for dry skin but that is just about it. The same function could be carried out for a fraction of the price by plain Vaseline or a healing ointment from the pharmacy. Not to mention this cream is a mess to use in the summers when its thickness starts to make eyelids oily.
  • You cannot use this with makeup ever. The cream can be applied at night just fine but during the day it will provide minimal sun protection and will make your foundation look greasy and overdone. Not to mention you can throw all hope of wearing eyes hadow or liner out the window.
  • The jar is very inconvenient to use and also potentially breakable. It is a hazard to travel with and does not do much as far as ease of use is concerned.
  • The cream has a mixture of known irritants (so it is a major no-no for sensitive skins) such as Hexyl Cinnamal and some others which can inflame your eye area and cause issues if they get into your eye resulting in watering and redness. For this price, you really should not have to put up with a cream that is not tolerated well by the eyes themselves.
  • It does nothing for aging and lines and may actually make them worse due to all the irritation and subsequent rubbing you will be made to do. The fragrance is strong and makes the product difficult to use on a daily basis.


This Shiseido offering claims however to remove your wrinkles and make the eye area appear more rejuvenated and it may work for younger skins but it also appears to be a massive waste of money. There are cheaper brands out there that make products which might actually be better suited for these claims and they do not cost a fortune.

The presence of Hyaluronic acid is a save which means you get some plumping action even though puffiness may continue to be a problem if you routinely suffer from it. The cream is not a cooling one and it is not really a gel either so it fails in reducing fluid around the eyes. However it may still be somewhat useful for collagen production in the area.

Price: $55


Phone Number: 1-877-737-4672


Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream
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