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After being in business for so many years, it’s no surprise that the company known as Serious Skin Care literally has dozens of products available for those looking to improve their anti aging and beauty regimen.

This company was founded because of a need to fill a hole in the marketplace. You see, Jennifer Stallone was looking for a solution to her personal skin problems, which we will go into later when we share more about their history in a moment. Mainly, at the end of the day, she was looking to solve her own skin care needs and a fantastic company was born.

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Serious Skin Care: A Brief History

As far as the history of this company goes, it was founded more than two decades ago by Jennifer Stallone. Many of you may remember her. At the time, when she decided to get into the skin care business, she was working as a young model. And as a young model she had a particular skin care issue that needed to be addressed, but nothing she did seemed to solve her problem.

What problem am I talking about? She suffered from acne. As a matter of fact, when you read the About page on the company website, it says that she suffered from devastating acne. Acne that was so severe that it could potentially ruin her modeling career, and as we all know that would not be a good thing for this bright young star on the rise in the modeling world.

To make a long story short, when Jennifer realized that the available acne solutions just weren’t going to cut it, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She searched all over the globe to end her battle against acne, and ultimately failed to find the solution that would provide her with relief.

As we all know, acne is a condition that attacks us on way more than just the physical level. Sure, it makes us look a lot less attractive than we definitely could be. But it also has a way of damaging us emotionally. As a matter of fact, it can damage us even worse on an emotional level that it can on a physical level.

Jennifer was struggling with her acne on both a physical and an emotional level. This devastating problem was really creating a major psychological concern in her life.

Here’s the thing…

She took matters into her own hands. She had a solution created so that she can overcome this devastating problem that was going to potentially ruin her modeling career. And once she discovered that her product actually worked, she decided to take things to the next level. She formed a partnership with the product creators and the rest is basically history. She decided to take her success and use it to help others experience acne relief as well.

As we all know, Serious Skin Care is a company that offers many types of beauty solutions, and they have branched out much further than the initial acne problems that started the ball rolling. This company has literally created dozens of skin care products, and if you don’t know already, it has an excellent reputation in a top market. That says a lot about Jennifer Stallone and the business that she created.

Depending on your particular concern, this company will have something for you. If you are trying to beat back the signs of aging, they can help. If you are trying to get rid of your sagging skin, there is something that they can do for you. Dry skin will become a thing of the past. Discoloration is no longer a problem. Elasticity will return to your skin in no time at all.

Serious Skin Care Shipping Policy

When purchasing anti aging creams and other types of products directly from their website, it’s very easy to have them shipped directly to your door.

The company ships using UPS as their main carrier. Choose the particular shipping method that you desire, and it will be delivered to your door quickly and conveniently.

When buying a product that is currently in stock, you can expect your order to be processed and the merchandise to ship within 48 hours. The only time this is not the case is when you buy something on a holiday or over the weekend.

If you have an item shipped via standard delivery methods, you can expect to receive that item within 10 days. If you choose the express option, you’ll get the item delivered to your door within five days.

One last thing to note is that specialty items may require more shipping time. So, if you order a specialty item, please understand that the delivery might take longer than you would expect.

Serious Skin Care Return Policy

For one reason or another, you may want to return one of the products that you have purchased from this excellent organization. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and offer a “no questions asked” refund during this time frame.

Please be aware that shipping is not a part of the purchase price. On some orders that cost $50 or more, it’s possible that you may have to pay a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping.

Our Favorite Serious Skin Care Products

As we have mentioned a number of times, Serious Skin Care sells a wide range of beauty and anti aging products for your skin. Some of our absolute favorites include:

  • Serious Skin Care Phyto Pumpkin Scrub
  • Serious Skin Care Creamerum
  • Serious Skin Care C-Extreme Results Advanced Power C Skin Resurfacer
  • Serious Skin Care A-Wash Vitamin A Gel to Foam Cleanser with Triple Peptides
  • Serious Skin Care 2 Million IU Vitamin A Cream with Retinol
  • Serious Skin Care Bella Rose Promineral Foundation

This is just a small sampling of the many fantastic products that this company has to sell. We recommend visiting their website to get a thorough look at the products; the ingredients and other pertinent information that will help you choose the right beauty products to meet your needs.

Serious Skin Care
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