Red Light Therapy

is red light therapy safe?Red Light Therapy is a skin care breakthrough that we’ll talk about today.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’ve got you covered on today’s skin treatment review.

What is Red Light Therapy?

The newest weapon for the fight against anti-aging is Red Light Therapy and supposedly it has been discovered by NASA. Some of the major beauty parlors now offer it in addition to their sun-tanning beds, as a method of improving the skin’s appearance, structure and a relief from pain.

It may be called Red Light therapy but it is actually an infrared one. According to the relevant studies the wavelength is stronger than other wavelengths and therefore, able to penetrate deeper into the skin. The beneficial effects are in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, repairing damage from the sun and treating acne, psoriasis and eczema.

The same studies also showed that it has a healing effect on other conditions like joint pains, high blood pressure, arthritis, muscle pain and nerve and tissue damage. It also speeds up the general healing process. For these purposes it is mostly used by athletes to hasten the recovery time from an injury.

The principle

Being able to penetrate deeper inside the skin, the Red Light Therapy is stimulating the production of ATP which is an important source of energy for the tissues of the body. More ATP allows for a faster reaction by the defensive systems of the body and therefore faster response to any of the above conditions from the inside.

It also increases the blood circulation which benefits swelling and inflammation as well as those with high blood pressure as the heart does less work. Especially for the skin, it increases the production of the all-important collagen. With more collagen the elasticity of the skin is promoted and the response to wounds is faster. Finally it increases the production of endorphins resulting in relief from both acute and chronic pains.

A bonus feature of this therapy is that by activating the body’s own defense systems, it eliminates the need for pharmaceutical compounds and therefore, their unpleasant side effects. Even more so as it is UV free (UV wavelengths are damaging to the cells).

The comparison

As expected this new technology has met with skepticism from the scientific community especially the scientists involved in producing creams and other cosmetic products, It is understandable to not want to lose the multibillion dollar market attached to the cosmetic industry.

Looking at the results objectively, both red light therapy and other pharmaceutical products have to be used constantly to provide and maintain their results. In both treatments, if they are abandoned, the results will fade away over time as the skin does not stop aging.

So the actual problem is the cost. The less expensive products and creams very rarely deliver the results promised. The ones that do, cost their weight in gold. Before a choice is made, if the final decision rests on how much it will cost, the red light therapy has a slight advantage.

Cosmetic products do not address any other issues than those pertaining to the skin. Red light therapy can address non-skin related issues as well. Therefore, it’s a two or three birds with one stone condition.

According to the FDA evaluation red light therapy is just as safe to use as all the other cosmetic products. As long as the wavelength is kept between 615 and 640 nm there is no significant risk not even to the eyes which was a major concern with all the treatments using infrared or blue-light wavelengths.

A major difference here is that while the other cosmetic products can be purchased and used at home, the application of red light therapy is a treatment that must be performed by qualified licensed professionals at appropriate facilities. However, professional intervention reduces the risk of incorrect use which may provide adverse results in the application of unsupervised cosmetic products.

Counter indications

So far the record shows that the only people who cannot use red light therapy are those with sensitivity to light and other serious medical conditions. It is always recommended to seek medical advice and guidance before submitting to such a treatment should there be a case of an underlying condition or an unknown light sensitivity which would prohibit the application of this treatment.


Red light therapy has already gained acceptance in the sports world and by the chiropractors, reflexologists and acupuncture and reiki experts. The results of these techniques may defy scientific research but they have been around for centuries and they have proven their worth. As always it is the traditional medicine which refuses to accept a new technology without solid long term scientific proof about the value.

Traditional medicine may be too cautious and too slow to accept change. However, it is not wrong to be cautious. It is not correct to jump immediately to everything new either. Red light therapy should be approached with caution and after proper medical evaluation of the conditions that are to be treated. It would be wise to test the effects in a localized area before proceeding any further.

If there are no adverse results and the treatment works as advertised then it is very much welcomed and it is a step into a future of faster healing and less aging appearance.

Red Light Therapy
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