Origins Skin Care

As one of the premium and premier skin care brands on the market today, Origins has been making waves in the all-natural skin treatment market since the line was originally founded back in 1990. This product line has been very successful throughout the years, and one of the main reasons why it has done so well is because of the all-natural products that absolutely work. Plus the company believes in sustainability.

Skin care is an absolute must in today’s world. You want to look and feel your best, and when you have gorgeous skin your self-esteem is going to go through the roof. You’ll feel really good about your life and all that you do.

Keeping skin looking young and supple is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. But if you pay attention to what we are telling you today, you can use Origins Skin Care products to regenerate and rejuvenate your tired skin.

origins skin care

A Brief History of Origins Skin Care

As mentioned, this company was originally founded back in 1990, although the seeds of this organization were initially planted in the 1980s before they sprouted into the company that we now know and love.

To keep things fresh and to make things interesting, the company has a crack staff of beauty chemists and plant scientists working together to create some of the most powerful all natural ingredients on the market today. And the ingredients that go in their products often contain essential oils and items that are used in traditional medicines. When used in beauty products, they can easily help to revitalize the skin so that it looks younger and more attractive for as long as possible.

The main team of researchers is headed up by Dr. Lieve DeClercq. Through their research, they have created an incredible line of skin care products that include items like conditioners, creams, cosmetics, exfoliators, cleansers, serums, masks, lotions and moisturizers.

Since the company was originally founded more than 20 years ago, they have worked very hard throughout the years to create and provide products that contain only natural ingredients. And whenever possible, they only use components that were harvested under fair trade principles and grown organically. The company is really committed to preserving the natural environment, and they will not engage in practices where animal cruelty is a factor.

At the end of the day, Origins Skin Care is a company that you can really trust. They do all that they can to preserve the environment, keep animals safe and use only natural ingredients to protect your health and the health of all of their other customers.

Origins Skin Care Pros

Here is what we (and other reviewers) felt were the strongest points about this incredible product line:

  • they only use organic ingredients
  • they only use all natural ingredients
  • they offer a wide variety of skin care products
  • the company has a long and varied history and has been in this industry for over 20 years
  • they are an environmentally friendly company that only uses ingredients grown and harvested fairly and sustainably
  • they focus on clinical trials and scientific research, so you know the products that they bring to market have been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective
  • they have many happy customers, and during their 20 years in the industry, they have received many wonderful testimonials from current and previous customers that love their product line

Origins Skin Care Cons

No brand, no matter how great they happen to be and how good their reputation happens to be, will have a flawless product line. It’s impossible and some people will always manage to find something wrong no matter what. Although Origins is not perfect, they are pretty close since we only have one potential negative thing to say.

  • Some people are unhappy with the return policy. Since they only offer a 30 day money back guarantee, and some of their competitors offer a one-year money back guarantee, certain people are unhappy and felt that they should add on more time since they felt that 30 days was not enough time to properly evaluate their product line.

At the end of the day, only you can say what you like or dislike about a particular product, brand or company. We recommend thoroughly testing out the Origins products so you can see what they do for you and your skin. You may end up loving them, so it’s worth it to give them a try.

Origins Skin Care Reviews and Overview

As you can imagine, we really love many Origins Skin Care products, but we definitely have our favorites. Some of our top picks include:

  • Make a Difference Night Cream: in the Make a Difference product range, this is one of the newest offerings. We really like it because it is perfect for those suffering from dry skin and it really targets this problem area and helps to correct it. The cream is very thick, and when you apply it before bedtime, your skin is going to feel rejuvenated and hydrated. That’s precisely what you want in a product like this, and if you use it regularly your skin will not feel so dry any longer.
  • Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask: if you have dry and flaky skin on your cheeks, wearing this overnight mask could make a huge difference in the way that the skin on your face looks and feels. Simply wearing this mask once a week, and massaging it into your face before going to bed, will help to rejuvenate the moisture in the skin on your face. You’re going to love the way that your skin feels in no time.
  • Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Serum: this product is incredibly effective for those who suffer from sensitive skin and skin redness. It is a milky cream on the inside, and it easily absorbs into your skin to help eliminate the redness and alleviate sensitivity. Some do not like the fragrance because it smells like mushrooms. You’ve been warned!

Feel free to try any one of the Origins Skin Care products immediately for natural skin care relief.

Origins Skin Care
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