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So many people have been back and forth with the Murad Resurgence reviews that we had to put our best foot forward and offer up our own editorial review of this product.

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The Murad Resurgence Review

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning and out of sheer boredom decide to watch the infomercials on TV? Many of us do because there’s nothing better on the boob tube at the time. If you’ve ever watched Sunday morning television, it’s possible that you have seen the Murad Resurgence infomercial without even realizing it.

Most of our customers begin their research by reading Murad Resurgence reviews, so it’s the ideal place to begin this journey.

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There’s no question about it. Just about every infomercial has a former celebrity hawking their goods, and the viewing public eats it up because they trust celebrities and they enjoy this marketing approach. In hindsight, what seems equally silly is watching Joan London report her so-called “findings” about a product amongst her other superstar friends.

For the most part, the average person knows that the celebrity mouthpieces don’t actually use the products that they promote. We get that they’re being paid for their endorsement. Even so, somehow our collective logic seems to fly out the window regardless of what we understand on the surface level. Most of us immediately hit the Internet and use our favorite search engine to discover the truth about TV products, in this case Murad Resurgence.

In this review, we are happy to tell you that this skincare system currently has a special offer on TV. In this offer, buyers have the ability to get free products as part of the special package. The three available products include: Age-Balancing Night Cream, Age-Diffusing Serum and Renewing Cleansing Cream.

The reason this product line is special is because it is a hormonal skincare treatment system. What does that mean? It means that the products were specifically designed for people in need of skincare products while they are going through hormonal changes. For the most part, women in their early or mid-40s are the ones experiencing hormonal changes on a deeper level. As a consumer, if you aren’t experiencing changes of this kind, it’s likely that Murad Resurgence is not the right product line for you.

Does Murad Resurgence Work?  Let’s Check the Ingredients

It’s odd to have to tell you that after everything Dr. Murad has done, like putting together this great TV offer, the product website, and more, it’s actually impossible to find anywhere that has a list of ingredients used in this product line. Some very bold claims are made about its effectiveness, yet there is no ingredients list to back it up.

On the website, the home page mainly seems dedicated to Joan London, Julie Benz, Robin Givens and their other celebrity pals. But nowhere do they even bother to share information about what they put in the product line. They never bother to tell us how it’s going to heal our skin. This is an intentional omission on their part, but what is hard to discover is why they are keeping this information from the public.

Information about Pricing and Purchase

The bulk of the Murad Resurgence reviews make it quite obvious as to what’s going on when you purchase this skincare product line. First off, once you buy the product for the first time, you are then enrolled in an auto shipping program. This program will ship the product to you once every 90 days and charge your credit card $39.98 in three-month intervals. Since it is impossible to make a purchase without joining the auto shipping program, you may prefer to look into a different product line instead of getting locked into a deal that you’ll probably have a tough time getting out of.

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Product Quantity

When purchasing the Murad Resurgence skincare system, you’ll get a 1 fluid ounce tube of the age diffusing serum, a 1.7 fluid ounce tube of the age balancing cream and a 4.5 fluid ounce tube of the cleansing cream.

Online Reports and Further Information

Honestly, we aren’t the biggest fans of product owners that refuse to list their ingredients online. Even more telling with the Murad Resurgence product is that there are a number of mixed reviews online, although many of them are positive.

What surprised us the most is all of the negative reviews that were written about these products on some of the biggest online retailer websites, including Amazon. You’re always going to find some complaints about a product online, because that’s just inevitable. When it comes to re-bill offers, many of the negative reviews are because customers are being charged every 90 days for a product that they may no longer want.

On the flip side, there were also many negative reviews because customers just didn’t feel that the products were effective.Murad Resurgence Night Regimen

Murad Resurgence Night Regimen

All in all, Murad Resurgence does have some positive reviews. But at the end of the day, we feel there are more effective skin products to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. You deserve better than this.

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