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Mary Kay is one of the most widely known skin care companies in America. It is an American brand and company that prides itself on creating skin care products. Mary Kay Ash was the original founder of the company. She founded this small skin and beauty company in 1963 and at that time it was nothing more than a simple small store taking up 500 square feet of space in a commercial location.

The company has since grown dramatically in size and is now officially a multinational corporation spanning the globe. Mary Kay has become one of the largest distributors of makeup and beauty products in the world. In fact, the company has made its mark selling other products as well such as fragrances and many other types of products.

mary-kay-reviewsMary Kay Cosmetics Review

Over the last 50 years, Mary Kay has earned and is often referred to as one of the best companies to work for in the skin care industry. Not only does the company have a great reputation for being great to work for, it also does its part in contributing to various charitable organizations. It’s also a strong advocate for helping the community as well.

That said, just because a company does great things for their employees and community doesn’t mean you do not need to research the products before making a purchase. Just like any other skin care or beauty product purchase, you should put forth a great deal of effort in determining whether or not the brand is right for you.

One very important thing you need to understand about Mary Kay and the products is how they function from a sales perspective. A significant portion of the sales that Mary Kay generates are done through independent contractors working as sales associates. That being said, it’s very important to read as many Mary Kay reviews as possible in order to gather as much information about the company you can. I urge you to not just rely on the information that independent reps are providing. I’m sure they have your best interest at heart but you must remember, they are trying to sell you on the Mary Kay products.

The Collections

What you may not know is that Mary Kay has a number of different collections that they offer consumers. Just to name a few of the collections they have dedicated to skin care, they have the Acne-Prone Skin System, Botanicals Effects, MKMen, Satin Lips, TimeWise and TimeWise Repair.

Each of the collections serves multiple purposes when it comes to keeping your skin looking perfect. Within each collection, you will find various types of products with specific objectives such as acne treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks and other types of products that using can lead to better-looking skin.

Purchasing Mary Kay Products

Some skin care companies make it next to impossible to purchase the products unless you visit a local retailer. On the contrary, Mary Kay does the exact opposite. In fact, a consumer interested in purchasing products can simply visit the company website and make a purchase.

Another way to purchase the product is to contact your local independent sales representative and purchase the products via the rep. Taking this approach does allow you the chance to gain some product knowledge and the sales rep may be helpful in suggesting a product best suited for you.

Whichever approach you decide to take, I strongly suggest that you review the product online via the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase. If you have any specific concerns about your skin, the website allows you to do a search on it. Read the product overviews and labels carefully before purchasing anything. You should also take a look at the rating options that the site displays for each product. While they do not provide reviews, they do allow visitors to select and choose whether they “love it” or “have it.” It would be a good idea to focus on the “love it” ratings when reviewing the products.

However, I do have a big problem with this rating system because both options are positive options for visitors to select. It leaves me questioning the ratings as a whole, to be honest. A typical rating system allows users to provide positive or negative feedback. The rating method here is quite concerning.


Mary Kay has such a vast number of products, it would be almost impossible for me to list them all out here in this review. However, the company lists all the main ingredients on its website and if you’re interested in learning about them I suggest you visit the site. I’ll be happy to touch upon a few of the more popular products and the associated ingredients but those looking for a specific product will need to research the company website.

The Mary Kay TimeWise collection is one of the most popular that they sell. One of the products within the collection is known as the Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution. Active ingredients within this specific product include powerful antioxidants. The product has been tested by dermatologists and is suitable for those who may have sensitive skin.

The night solution is delivered through a patented system known as Nutribeads. These beads deliver vitamins and antioxidants to your skin which help rejuvenate and replenish your skin. The product contains vitamin C, E, and A which are all great for your skin. Another thing I really like about this product is the number of “love it” votes that it has in comparison to other products on the site. That leads me to believe that this is one of the more popular Mary Kay products on the market.

If you are looking for a product that will help with cleansing, I’d suggest you do some research on the Mary Kay Clear Proof Clarifying Gel. This product is said to pack a mean punch when it comes to fighting acne. The main ingredient of the clarifying gel is salicylic acid. As you know, salicylic acid is one of the best ingredients to use when trying to fight acne. This product is said to be free of fragrance and oil which is great given that those two things can cause breakouts. The main reason one would begin to use this product would be to help unclog pores in order to disrupt the dirt and sebum deep within them.

That’s just a quick overview of a couple products and the ingredients associated with each. I strongly suggest reviewing all the products on the website before making any purchasing decision. This approach will help ensure that you’re using a product that best meets your needs.

Side Effects

Just like any other massive skin company that exists, you’re going to get a wide range of side effects that have been reported. For example, people that used products containing the salicylic acid have reported skin irritation. That’s not all that uncommon given the strength and nature of the product. Be sure to read the side effects associated with any of the products you are interested in using before doing so.

Using The Products

There is no real standardized way to use these products. The best thing for any consumer to do is to read the instructions printed on each label. Don’t just apply the products in hopes of having it work. You must follow directions and use the products as they are designed to be used. If you purchase any of the kits, be sure to apply the products in the right order for maximum benefit.

Mary Kay Reviews

Based on the research that I’ve done online, the reviews of all the products are very mixed. Some of the consumers that have written about the skin care line have nothing but praise to give. While others had complaints of increased sensitivity issues, redness and more. This type of review response is rather typical given the number of consumers that use the products.

The most important thing for you to do is to read a handful of the Mary Kay reviews that are on various websites and then make a decision to buy the products. Should you need further assistance in making a decision, you can always contact us here at or you can ask your local dermatologist for further advice.

Mary Kay Reviews
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