L’oreal Revitalift

L’oreal is a drugstore brand with innovative anti-wrinkle treatments for a very reasonable price. They are known for their grandiose packaging and effective formulas even though their prices do not reflect this. Revitalift is the name of one of their skin care ranges which is all about restoring youthful skin and repairing wrinkles and other skin problems which come with age to most women.

Breaking down L’oreal Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Their eye cream is one of the best and most well known skin care products in the entire range and it has been met with positive reviews ever since it was launched. It promises a great deal for a low price and will give the premium brands a run for their money.


The base of the formulation is nothing special and is your standard silicone enriched and water mixture. The texture is not thick or sticky at all and works well even for oily and combination skins. It is just as good for extremely dry skin which can occur side by side with wrinkles. It is truly a versatile moisturizer and performs a number of key functions.

Another good point (which you won’t find in most eye creams) is that the formula is fragrance free and will not cause any kind of irritation. The ingredients are not as impressive as more high end products but you get standard anti-wrinkle agents (nothing like Retinol though) and some good anti oxidants. There is Vitamin A which can help restore some of your skin’s vitality.

The one thing which is surely missing is AHAs which means there are no glycolic acid and no other chemicals to remove dead skin cells or to help with serious discoloration or acne. In fact the cream may even cause acne in particularly prone skins and can prove to be counterproductive in this regard.

Claims & Possible Results

The brand claims it can remove wrinkles effectively in just two weeks or less provided that the cream is applied religiously night and day. It is also made to combat dryness and dark circles along with puffiness and shadows under the eye. Contrary to popular opinion it can be used repeatedly and it will not cause eyes to water or get irritated.

Despite the seemingly low price it is good for sensitive skins and has good ocular tolerance. It has been tested and there are no known skin irritants in the ingredients list. Of course the cream does suffer because it does not have the more advanced anti aging chemicals which are included in products nowadays, but it is a safe way to treat your eye area.

Many women have used this cream even to remove eye shadow and mascara and it has even proved to be great for that purpose because the texture is thin and lotion-like and simply glides onto the skin. Even though there is a fair portion of mineral oil in the cream, it does not clog pores. It may not prevent acne or treat it but it is still useful for wrinkles and dry patches.

Price: $24.99

Website: http://www.lorealparisusa.com/

Phone Number: 1-800-322-2036

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L’oreal Revitalift
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