Lancôme Genifique Reviews

Recently when my aging problems were at their toll I couldn’t resist using everything that came my way. I would try anything that I heard could reduce my signs of aging. I purchased the Genifique Youth Activating concentrate for a trial because somehow I didn’t want to leave anything out. I am above 40 and I was quite desperate to look young and radiant.

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More Analysis of the Lancome Genifique

When I opened my box I found a luxurious looking glass bottle and a dropper with it. The dropper is so helpful as it squeezes an exact amount of dose that is required to apply on the skin, this avoids unnecessary wastage of the product. The liquid is very light weight and smooth all you have to do is slowly rub it on the skin and it will absorb quickly. The instant dry formula is really good because you can apply a moisturizer after using it.

These anti-aging products make the skin dry which why it is necessary to use them along with moisturizers that help retain the moisture and make your skin smooth and young. The serum does not have a very powerful smell, but just a slight scent which is more like a clinical one. It seems that it is not scented and will suit almost all skin types especially the sensitive skin.

Lancôme claimed that using it continuously for 7 days will show results. Keeping that in mind I still didn’t expect drastic change in my skin and reduction of wrinkles but I must say that I experienced a slight change for sure. Later on with continuous use I experienced better results. My skin felt more tighter, smoother and radiant. I felt a lot more younger and beautiful.

Lancôme is a luxury brand therefore their prices are a bit high but for all those who are able to afford it must give it a try. It is one of the best anti-aging creams that I have ever used. When I considered using Lancôme’s anti aging serums and creams I didn’t have lofty expectations for long-term benefits or ultimate restoration of youth which is the reason I saw an improvement. Another reason is that I was patient with the response. Many people use it for a few days and start expecting too much. It should be kept in mind that the new stem cells take at least 28 days to re-build.

Before I started using Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique I had a constant complaint that my skin felt de-hydrated, I had tried almost everything but nothing worked. But when I started using it I felt an immense change in my skin tone, overall wrinkles and my skin felt smoother and supple. Though those fine lines and wrinkles did not disappear completely but they dimmed a lot for sure. I used this product for around a month regularly and then on off since then. It’s been 1 and a half year or so and I have no complaints. I am very happy with the results and hope that you too will be satisfied!

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Lancôme Genifique Reviews
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