Jessner Peel Review

The Jessner Peel is your standard chemical peel but of a medium level intensity and it works to remove damage from the skin and encourage the regeneration of newer skin and to bring it to the surface. It has been said that this peel causes more temporary skin damage than the more sensitive of us will allow but its effectiveness is unparalleled.

At the bottom of this page, we’ll even reveal some Jessner peel before and after pics.  Please check them out to see the power of this chemical peel.

Reviews of the Jessner Peels

The Steps

There are essentially three steps to the entire peel and it can be done at home although proper instructions need to be followed and it is better to consult a professional. The first step involves the almost corrosive lactic acid which exfoliates and removes all of your dead skin cells as well as layer of dead skin. Once a clean canvas has been created, step two can be followed.

In step two Salicylic Acid is used to penetrate into the lower levels of the skin to drive impurities out. By this point you will be rather and splotchy but there is still a step three. Resorcinal is the step three and this goes right down in the pores and cleans them out for the prevention and possible treatment of acne and potential scarring that results.

Some Noticeable Benefits For Users

  • Some fine lines disappear and even deeper wrinkles fill up to a certain extent.
  • Acne scarring as well as prevalent acne can be partly treated through this peel.
  • Large pores and uneven skin tone are partly corrected.
  • Skin is fresher and more youthful.
  • Extensive skin damage such as age spots, wrinkles and scars can be treated through this peel even though it causes some damage on its own.

Does It Work?

The initial response is not very rewarding as the skin always seems visibly irritated and red after the treatment. It takes roughly a week to heal but the benefits far outweigh the slight discomfort that is caused for a few days. Since the whole process can be done at home, it wins points for ingenuity.

The peel is not recommended for people with serious conditions such as Dermatitis or Lupus and if you are particularly allergy prone this peel is not for you. Its ingredients are not really for sensitive skin and that acts as a major downside and reduces the marketability of the peel as most people prefer products with a label that marks them safe for sensitive skin.

After one week you will be a younger, more radiant version of yourself and although the effects take time to show themselves, they are well worth the effort. The peel is engineered to penetrate far into the skin and the process should not be taken lightly nor should more time be used than is required. Leaving the peel on in hopes of better results can be disastrous as well as dangerous for your skin. Side effects do occur although rarely and to prevent them from happening, it is important to obey the instructions and tips which come in the packaging.

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Jessner Peel Review
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