Previously when there were no available off-the-shelf products for aging, women used natural and home remedies to make them look younger. However, with advanced technology and a lot of research, scientists have invented various solutions to aging; this is the reason why we see so many anti-aging skin products for sale today.

A Review of the Frownies Skin Products

Different anti-aging creams, Botox injections and face-lift procedures have been associated with different types of risks lately which are the reasons why people tend to prefer natural remedies over surgical procedures.

This is when Frownies came up with a great invention. Frownies were designed to be applied at night to counteract the lines that are formed from repetitive facial movements, such as smiling and squinting etc. Frownies is not a lotion or a cream but instead it’s a simple patch that you tape on any area of the face, like corners of the mouth or forehead to prevent facial movements at night.

Frownies claim s to be a very natural way to reduce and eliminate the expression lines and creases that occur on the face due to the relaxation of the facial muscles. Frownies anti-aging facial patches soften and smooth the deep wrinkles and fine lines without you having to use chemically made creams and surgeries. It is designed to provide a long-term result if it’s used continuously. When you place the Frownies patch on your forehead or any area of the face, the muscles of the face cannot move under that patch which ultimately keeps you from frowning or expressing while you sleep. The anti-wrinkle patch is to be applied directly over the wrinkles between the eyes or on the forehead. The entire wrinkled area must be covered by the patch.

I am 54 years old and have been facing aging since a long period of time. I had tried almost everything but nothing showed lasting results. However, I started using Frownies a year ago and I can proudly say that it works; it’s far more inexpensive than all the surgical procedures that require all your life’s savings. I have seen some serious improvements in the areas where I have used the patch. Besides the patch I use Frownies Immune Perfect, it’s a cream that smooths the lines and wrinkles with a biologically active formulations. The Amino acids in the cream boost the collagen and elastin, which regulates the oil production for a balanced and a youthful complexion. Whereas the aloe and oat oil hydrates the skin, keeping it refreshed and supple, the vitamin E in the cream ensures the proper utilization of oxygen an provides protection from the harmful environmental pollution.

Though definitely it does ask for some maintenance, you need to be regular in the use to get the desired results, but even with that I would gladly continue using it instead of paying so much to the doctors and making appointments repeatedly for procedures like Botox and face lift. I have really good things to say about this product, I will gladly continue using it for its one of the few products that actually does what it says!

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