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Exposed Skin Care offers a wide variety of products that are specifically focused on eliminating acne and other acne related problems. One particular area of focus is using this product line to help prevent acne breakouts from happening in the future, and they work very well at this task.

exposed skin care review

Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Currently, the company offers a wide variety of product types and they have more than a dozen products and treatment kits for your ease and convenience. Some of the various product types include: facial masks, body washes, dermal cloths, face scrubs and cleansing tonics. This lineup was designed specifically to help treat the skin in a more gentle way to prevent and eliminate acne.

Originally founded in 2002, Exposed Skin Care took the world by storm and immediately made a name for themselves relatively quickly. Their products are created from plant extracts and use bacteria fighting elements, and it’s the reason why this company, based out of Seattle, has many different types of skin care specialists on staff. They have naturopaths, dermatologists, and cosmetologists, all creating this amazing product line and it’s the reason why it is so effective.

view the top productsBrief Description of the Exposed Skin Care Products

This product line uses a wide variety of ingredients to create their wonderful treatment options. Salicylic acid is one of the excellent bacteria fighting ingredients that work wonders for the skin. The company also uses a balance of natural oils, plant extracts and other bacteria fighting ingredients that all work in combination to help clear the skin without drying it out.

As mentioned, the company likes to use natural plant extracts. Two of their favorites are green tea and passionflower. Green tea is a very popular ingredient in this market as many know, and it’s great because it provides many wonderful antioxidants that help to fight against the spread of acne. (Read more about facial acne here.)  These antioxidants will help to repair aging skin, and they even fight against free radicals, which as we know makes the skin look older and less attractive.

Not only that, but one treatment option offered by Exposed includes probiotic capsules. A person can take these capsules orally, and they are used in part as support for healthy skin. When you take these capsules, along with using the many brilliant skin care products, you are literally fighting acne from the inside out and providing yourself with the best opportunity to heal this unwanted condition permanently.

Exposed Guarantee

Like every good company that truly believes in their product line, Exposed Skin Care provides each and every one of their customers with a one-year money back guarantee. This is really something to be proud of, and this company should take a bow for this incredible money back guarantee.

You see, they believe so strongly in their product line that they are willing to give you your money back within one year’s time if you feel that the products are not working. This gives you ample opportunity to test out the products thoroughly, and if for some reason or other it doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can get your money back without having to beg for a refund.

This is awesome because it shows you that their products actually do work. They would never offer a one-year money back guarantee if they thought everybody was going to call and ask for a refund. If you have acne problems, you are definitely in luck because you have come across a product line that actually gets the job done and eliminates acne.

How are they so confident that you will experience wonderful benefits when using their product line? After being in this industry for many years and having tens of thousands of people test their products, they can boldly claim that they have more than a 95% success rate. If you struggle with acne, know that the odds of getting rid of this problem using these products are absolutely in your favor.

But be aware that some skin care products just do not work for everybody. That’s the way that it goes in life, because everyone is different and everybody has different skin.

How Much Do Exposed Skin Care Products Typically Cost?

The great thing about this product line is that, when compared to some of the other skin care companies on the market today, the offerings are relatively inexpensive.

Their prices typically cost around $10-$35, and this is for the individual items. They also sell kits with five products or more in each, and these typically cost anywhere from $50-$100. The kits are very handy because they help you save a great deal of money. Compare the price of the kit and the products being offered, and then look at each of the individual products and you’ll see that this can help you save about $50 if you were to purchase all of the items separately.

Save With an Exposed Skin Care Coupon

We will be back shortly with an Exposed skin care coupon code you can use to save money on their product line.


This company ships their products all over the globe. They charge $7 to ship in the USA, and international orders typically cost around $20. They can ship to PO boxes in the US, but overnight shipping is not available in those instances.

Exposed Skin Care Product Listing

We will now share the names of some of our favorite products and provide a brief explanation. They are:

  • Facial cleanser – when treating acne, one of the first steps that everyone needs to take is to properly clean their face. This cleanser can clear out the pores, and do so gently, as well as fight the bacterium that causes acne breakouts.
  • Clearing tonic – this tonic is powerful because it helps to not only remove excessive sebum oil, but it can even get rid of skin cells that are currently blocking and clogging your pores.
  • Acne treatment serum – when you have acne, and you’re looking to get rid of it, this is quite possibly the most important product that this company has to offer. It uses benzoyl peroxide as the key ingredient, and this helps to fight against acne causing bacteria that creates unwanted breakouts.
Exposed Skin Care
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