Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv

Estee Lauder has become known for its rich formulas and effective results and not to mention its high prices. Their Re-Nutriv eye cream is another brilliant product which claims to do a wide variety of things which are worth investing for.

Estee Lauder Cream Review and Claims

  • The cream claims to work wonders with regard to enviable anti-aging. If you suffer from deep wrinkles or newly forming lines, this cream could be a lifesaver as it works quickly and also keeps the skin healthy because of its in-built sun protection which is a must in the summer months. A glow is imparted to the skin which is youthful and fresh.
  • Hydration is intense and non-clogging. If you suffer from dry patches around the eye area or overall skin dehydration (which will be most prominent around the eyes because of the thinness of the skin) then the cream could give you a nudge in the right direction. It is particularly potent when a thick layer is applied overnight.
  • It does not disturb makeup application. The texture may be rich but it absorbs quickly which means you can prime your lids and wear makeup as normal. With the cream you won’t be afraid of going out in the sun either as your skin will be adequately protected.
  • Renewing molecules (which are patented) also lift the skin giving you gorgeous contours which do last during the day until your next application. This sort of technology is becoming increasingly common in eye products but is only seemingly effective in some and the Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv eye cream is one of them.
  • Powerful ingredients such as black Tourmaline and collagen inducing chemicals form the gist of the formulation and they are effective even for older, wrinkled skin. The brand claims you will see a visible difference even after just one application.

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The problems this cream is made to treat are the commonplace ones and the bane of everyone who is past a certain age. Issues like dark circles, routine puffiness and fine lines are going to be treated almost completely with this eye cream although you may still need a pharmaceutical boost if your wrinkles are deeper and have transformed into crow’s feet.

Although most ingredients in this cream are well-tolerated, you may need to check with your dermatologist if you find yourself always reacting to eye creams or roll-ons. It is also better to check irritation by trying out a sample of the cream first which can be gotten from any store before you invest in the full-size product.

The brand claims the cream has been tested and is compatible with most skin types including and especially sensitive ones. It is safe for the eyes as well if you should happen to get some cream in there. Most creams irritate the eyes but this one is usually well tolerated. It can be used twice a day but more frequent use than that is not recommended as it may cause you to break out.

Price: $120


Phone Number: 1.877.311.3883



Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv
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