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As members of the skin care community, our readers often ask us about specific products from time to time. They want to know whether or not they work. They want to know if other people find them effective. They want to know our overall opinion about products that they are interested in trying.

We work hard to find the most effective anti aging products currently available, and we keep up with all of the scientific research and have our finger on the pulse of the skin care market. Because of this, we are trustworthy and represent this industry to the best of our ability.

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DNA Serum Review with Syn-ake

With that said, we’ve recently taken up a study of DNA Serum by SkinPro. Not only did we personally test this product, but we also read countless other reviews, customer testimonials, information supplied by the creator, and more. We have done our duty diligence and would like to share the results with you today. So that’s what we’re going to do.

DNA Serum: What Is It?

DNA Serum, when described by the product creator, is listed as the most potent in expression wrinkle filling eye serum in the world. Not only that, but they say that it comes with peace of mind and a satisfaction guarantee. You’ll experience no pain whatsoever when using this serum to fight back against wrinkles, and unlike Botox, it does not require any injections from a high priced skin care specialist.

The company really stands behind this creation, because SkinPro has a reputation for putting out high quality skin care and anti aging products. (Case in point, the top selling Elite Serum.)  According to the info that we’ve read about DNA Serum, the creator says that it can help in the following ways:

  • this powerful formula can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are typically noticed around the eyes.
  • this serum was specifically designed to help eliminate or reduce the appearance of eye puffiness and dark circles.
  • DNA Serum is loaded with age defying peptides that help to nourish the skin all around the eyes.
  • this phenomenal product works hard to provide its users with a more effervescent and younger looking appearance.
  • it’s better than Botox because it can work on areas that botulism toxin has no effect on.
  • it’s completely safe and perfect for everyone, no matter what skin type you might happen to have.
  • it’s made in the USA and passes all FDA regulations and standards.

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Now that you know little bit more about DNA Serum, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the areas that this wonderful product can treat.

What Areas Will DNA Serum Treat?

This age defying serum was specifically created to help reduce or diminish fine lines, wrinkles and bags and dark circles under and around the eyes.

According to creator SkinPro, the manufacturer claims that this product can affect the following areas in a positive way:

  • it can firm and smooth the skin around and under the eyes
  • it can fill and lift wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet under and around the eyes
  • through the use of a proprietary draining mechanism, DNA Serum possesses the ability to reduce eye bags volume
  • the serum can illuminate, brighten and lighten dark circles under the eyes

As it’s plain to see, this product possesses many wonderful properties and can perform on many levels. Do not hesitate to test it out today to see how well it will work for you.

And speaking of how this product actually works…

DNA Serum: How Does It Work?

When compared to other eye serums, DNA Serum is unique. It is a combination of four peptides that are all clinically proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This product is special because it combines four pharmaceutical grade peptides into one awesome product.

The four peptide ingredients that it contains are:

Each one of these peptides brings its own unique flavor and abilities to this product offering.

As an example, Syn-Ake is an extra special peptide because it helps to reduce the expression of wrinkles, as well as crow’s feet, around the forehead and the eyes.

Leuphasyl is a wonderful peptide that is clinically proven to reduce the expression of wrinkle depth by nearly 25% when combined with Argireline.

And speaking of Argireline, this amazing peptide is very effective at reducing wrinkle depth on the face. It’s been in the headlines for quite some time now, and it was even discussed positively on the Dr. Oz show in the US.

Last but not least, Eyeseryl made the cut because it was specifically designed to help reduce bags under the eyes and puffiness, and it also has the ability to lighten the dark circles that are often found around and under the eyes. In fact, during a clinical study, within 15 days, 70% of the participants noticed puffiness reduction. And within 60 days during the trial, 95% of the participants noticed a reduction in puffiness.

Reviews and Other Positive Endorsements

Without actually sharing anything that was specifically said word for word, it’s important to note that DNA Serum has received many positive endorsements from all around the world.

Reviewers and other endorsers have said things like:

  • similar to Botox and highly effective
  • Botox injections are painful, DNA Serum is not
  • some reviewers have given up Botox injections altogether and choose to use DNA Serum instead as a healthier and less expensive alternative
  • product safely and effectively banishes wrinkles
  • some are even calling it Botox in a bottle

The Bottom Line

When all is said and done, the only way to truly know if a skin care product will work for you is to actually test it out yourself. Everyone is unique, and what works for one person might not work for another.

SkinPro offers a satisfaction guarantee. This makes it easy for you to test out the product without any risk whatsoever. Take advantage of this guarantee if you are somehow unhappy with your results, but we highly doubt this will be the case.

You can also see some customer reviews on Amazon.com.


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