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Clinique is all about making products which suit just about every skin type there is. When it comes to eye creams, sensitivity can be a huge issue even with premium products but Clinique really got their formula right with their signature offering which is their ‘all about eyes’ eye cream.

All About Eyes Eye Cream Review by Clinique

Formulation And Application

Not a lot of women like heavy creams around the eyes which is why roll ons and serums initially became a popular choice especially for people with oily skin. This formulation however is made with a strong base of silicone which means it glides on like a dream and absorbs quickly. This also means that makeup can be applied on the top without any problems of it sliding off.

Furthermore you get that light reflection gleam which means that through technology alone, your dark circles appear less dark instantly than they really are. This is not something that a lot of products are able to do at least not without being part concealer.

Instantly Observable Benefits

The cream has a smooth texture which means it can be used both day and night without any problems. The cream has beyond excellent ocular tolerance which means you will not suffer any redness or tearing up. Many experts claim that some of the more sensitive ingredients were used for this cream which means it can combat a wide multitude of problems without potentially irritating the skin.

It gets rid of dark circles with regular use even if you are someone who wanders around in the sun a lot. You get some sun protection which saves you from having to wear a thick sunscreen formulation and it also prevents your makeup from creasing because of excess oil in the summers.  (Related:  Read about UVB and UVA rays.)

It has been proven effective for early morning puffiness as well as generally puffiness that may occur at any point during the day. It cools the area (again without irritating it) and provides a solid depuffing action which you will not find unless you actually invest in a proper roll-on which has a ceramic tip (think Estee Lauder eye cream).

The other benefit which you notice right away is that this magnificent product is not as expensive as many high-end ones which probably do far less and cost you a lot more. There are not a lot of marketing claims surrounding this Clinique product which is enough proof that it works and is worth the money.

It can reduce the beginnings of wrinkles which are fine lines but if you are really old or suffer from premature aging, this product won’t work miracles. However you get some powerful hydration for your money so if you are using this in your mid-twenties, you are likely to not suffer from wrinkles even in the next twenty years.

The use of the cream is quite versatile as it suits every age range and offers varying benefits to each. Even if you suffer from crow’s feet, you can still use this as an enriched, moisturizing treatment which is sure to ‘lift’ your day.

Price: $31


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Clinique All About Eyes
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