Aveda Skin Care

Your skin care regimen will never be the same once you begin using Aveda skin care products. This company has a powerful vision for itself, its customers and even for the world. Their vision is to connect beauty, environment and well-being. This is a wonderful sentiment, as you can see, and they have been doing a fantastic job to follow their vision each and every day.

Many of you probably have questions about the Aveda skin care product line. We will do our best to answer those questions today by providing you with as much information as we can about the product line, the history of the company, the founder, their mission and so much more. After reading this info, you will have a well-rounded idea of what this company is all about and what they can offer you.

Let’s take a much closer look at the finer details right now.

aveda skin care

A Brief History of Aveda Skin Care and More

Aveda, at its core, is all about bringing their products to life by using flower and plant essences. All of their products contain pure essential oils, and these solutions are so powerful that they actually have a name for them. They call them purescriptions instead of prescriptions. Because the pure formulas are so potent and they literally act like medicine for the hair and skin.

This company offers a wide range of products for you to choose from. They have incredible haircare products, and they even offer a range of plant-based products specifically designed for the body including makeup, skin care health and perfumes that they call pure-fume.

One of the reasons why we love this company so much is their dedication to providing high quality products. They develop all of their merchandise using plant-based, natural ingredients, and they go to great lengths to provide clinical testing to make sure that all of their products are helpful to the earth and helpful to their customers.

Not only that, but the company has a huge network of more than 8000 spas and salons all over the world that are committed to excellence and committed to sharing these offerings with the world.

As far as the company history goes, it was founded in 1978 by a hairdresser. Each and every one of the products is harmonious with the web of life, and they were harvested with a complete and profound respect for mother Earth.

If you are looking for high quality hair, skin, makeup and perfume products, you have definitely found the right company. And this is especially true if you are looking for environmentally freindly, all natural products that have a great respect for the earth. Look no further than Aveda if that’s what you’re into.

The Founder of Aveda Skin Care Products

The founder of the company, named Horst Rechelbacher, has left a legacy that far surpasses the creation of Aveda skin care. As a matter of fact, he is one of the pioneers of the creation of holistic beauty products, and even more importantly, he is an environmental champion and takes the preservation of the earth very seriously.

As a passionate man with a grand purpose, Horst was born in 1941 to a shoemaker father and an herbalist mother. During his younger years, at the age of 14, this man began working in the salon across the street from his home. Horst readily admits that he wasn’t a good student, but he was eager to leave his impact on the world and do something very different. As a stylist at the age of 17 in a prestigious Roman salon, he started to make a name for himself, toured the United States and Europe, and at some point along the way his amazing company was born.

Aveda Skin Care Responsible Business Practices

At Aveda, environmental sustainability is their number one priority. They do not believe that there is another responsible alternative besides taking care the environment. It is a huge goal of this company, and for nearly 40 years, they have acted responsibility and lived up to the promise of only performing environmentally sound and sustainable ways of harvesting natural ingredients that they use in their products.

This company is incredibly inspiring to many, and their belief in acting responsible to the environment follows them every step of the way. They know, through years of experience and understanding, that it is possible to create a sustainable business model and still practice environmental responsibility at the same time. Their love of the environment enhances the company and the products that they share with the world, so never worry about Aveda, environmental sustainability and whether or not this company can turn a profit while providing green products. They can. They will. And they will continue to do so for many years to come.

Aveda Ingredient Promise

Next, another important promise made by this company is in relation to the ingredients that they use in all of their beauty and skin care products.

First off, please know that they believe in nature first. They believe that all natural products are the way to go as far as skin, hair, and perfumes are concerned. That’s why they continually strive to use natural, plant derived ingredients as often as possible.

This company is committed to delivering high quality products that perform eloquently and excellently. These products are botanically-based, which means that they are much kinder the planet than some of the alternative skin care options available today. And as we all know, environmentally friendly products are good for the earth and good for each and every one of us as well. They help to preserve, protect and defend our world from toxins, pollutants and other harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on the world at large.

Wrapping Things Up

Are you looking for high quality and affordable botanically-based skin care merchandise? If so, you are definitely in the right place. Aveda skin care is the company for you. We recommend trying their products as soon as possible and experiencing the wonderful benefits that they’ll offer you.

Aveda Skin Care
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