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Before you buy any skin care products, make sure to cross reference the pages below.  We’ve spend an ungodly amount of hours looking into all sorts of treatments.  The pages below will hold your hand and walk you though the best tried and tested products that you money can buy.

Reviews of Skin Care Products by Category

Of course, mileage varies with any type of health or anti aging treatment.  There are many factors and variables that can affect each user’s experience.  F

Using the Skin Care Reviews to Your Advantage

A demanding amount of time goes into each and every product review we post, and we really try to keep up with basic over the counter skin creams that can be bought at the local convenience stores all the way up to the high end spa products that use the latest anti aging ingredients (like cosmeceuticals.)  We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest anti wrinkle ingredients (like this one), as well as any product that cures that horrible trait most people complain about – dark under eye circles.

There aren’t any specific rules to what we review and there are literally 100’s of thousands of products aimed at helping us take care of our skin, so our readers can digest everything from DIY recipes to organic products to treatments and procedures provided by professionals.  We cover the latest anti aging methods and report facts about procedures.

If you work for or with a skin care company and would like to submit a product for our editors to review, please contact us here.  We’re always accepting new products and have a wide variety of skin types and backgrounds on our official product testing team.

This evergreen page will only expand.  Soon, we plan on creating a new category to highlight the growing market for organic skin products.

We’re also toying with the idea of adding more treatments that can be done at Med Spa’s and Plastic Surgery offices.

Please leave feedback wherever you have experience with a certain product or treatment. We’re always happy to hear from people who use the products we work so hard to review.

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Skin Product Reviews
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  1. Okay, I have been using your rodant and fields soothe regime for about a year now. My cousin introduced me to your product. I do my best to use it every night. I have extremely sensitive skin,as well as moderate to severe rosea. It has really helped my face. Now, I won’t even think about using anything else on my face. Thanks. Natalie Barnes north Carolina