Skin Care Myths That Need To Be BUSTED


skin care myths

You will find escaping myths hard, as they are so overly hyped about in every matter they are almost considered facts. People believe and apply them on their lives without knowing the real facts of those claims and whether they really do work out or not. When we talk about products, we obviously know that the results for some particular products appear after long time if used consistently, and of course we are talking skin care products, due to it being a big industry and of greater value, there are quite many misconceptions and myths. It is easy to understand why people muse on the fact that they would turn out to be true, because you will easily find many experts giving out their opinions on beauty magazines or TV shows or on the internet, so it’ll be hard to tell what’s right and what’s not.

Most of these myths are rather harmless and useless as well, but others can be total damaging. In order to make sure that the largest organ of your body is protected, you should always look into the facts first before applying any kind of product. Four of the most commonly heard myths are listed below, along with the reasons why they had to be busted:

Skin Care Myths Exposed

Myth: Expensive products are always effective

Although, the fact that expensive skin care products can be nice, it is not correct to say that they are always the best. What really attracts us to these expensive products is their packaging, their smell or those advertisements, in most of which the results are just being exaggerated. It is not necessary for you to buy an expensive product whenever you shop for your skin care. As mostly the creams, moisturizers or lotions, may they be branded or from the local store, contain ingredients which are quite the same. What you have to make sure while buying one is that whether that particular product is offering you the ingredients which would suit and effect your unique skin more than any other. 

Myth: Popping those pimples clears them out totally

Getting rid of acne may look easier if you just pop them up, but these pus filled pimples are not just on the upper layer of the skin, they actually have deeper roots in the dermis layer. Popping those pimples might be quite relieving to you, and when that pimple pops the pus that flows out might make a nice ‘good bye’ impression on you, but they are not as easy to get rid of as you think. When you pop a pimple, the inflammation that is left behind will penetrate deeper in the layer, causing a more drastic infection or possibly another pimple. It might be hard for you to even look at it without touching, but you have got to let it go and let it vanish on its own.

Myth: Hot showers are good for your skin

You might have heard about hot showers being good for your skin, but that is quite untrue. It may be pretty relaxing for you to take steamy hot showers in the winters, but the ugly part of it is, it affects your skin a lot. The hot water strips your skin from its natural oils and moisture, making it drier and itchier. Which is why, taking short showers with lukewarm water is the best way to keep your skin moisturized and soft. Keep your skin away from bar soaps, which are too drying. Use a body moisturizer in use and in winters, a humidifier at your home. All this will keep your skin less dry and more moisturized. 

Myth: The tinging feeling that you get when you apply it on your skin, is nothing to worry about

It should be worrying, as every time that tinging affect cannot be a good thing.  This is due to the fact that your skin is actually reacting to the product you used, and an irritating feeling indicates that you should get it off, as it can lead to  inflammation. You might have heard about that product a lot, but you cannot be sure if it reacts the same way on your skin as it does on friend’s skin. If you neglect that irritating feeling, it might worsen your healing process, damage your collagen and increase the growth of the bacteria that causes pimples. So, if anything like that happens, cease using that product and find one that really suits you and can be mre effective in your case.

These were only few among many of those myths which you would hear often while you deal with caring about your skin. So, make sure that your dermatologist approves that new product before you start using it.

Skin Care Myths That Need To Be BUSTED
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