Skin Care Memberships Are The New Craze This Year


Every year right after that New Years Eve hangover goes away, gyms tend to get flooded with all walks of life. Most of these people end up breaking their resolutions, but they continue paying for that gym membership for months, sometimes years. Well, next year it might not be gym memberships that people are signing up for. Instead, they may be opting for skin care memberships.

skin care memberships

Yes, you heard that correctly, I said skin care memberships!

People are getting extra fancy these days and they’re opting for monthly skin care memberships. This trend might soon take over the gym membership wave that hits us during the first half of the year. There are millions of Americans that hate the way their skin looks. Those within the beauty and fashion industry are likely all over this opportunity. Heck, go ahead and ask any of the dermatologist’s out there what they think is the key to healthy looking skin and they’ll likely tell you that it’s consistency, patience, and effort.

Think about it, the people that workout daily and eat healthy¬†foods are those that look and feel the best. The same goes for your skin. It’s the people that treat it right and do so consistently that end up with the best-looking skin ever. Getting a facial one time or going for a treatment once isn’t going to cut it.

When you workout once at the gym over the course of a month, it likely does nothing at all for your body. That’s because you need to put forth a certain amount of effort if you want to be successful.

So, what people are doing today is putting more time, energy, and focus on caring for their skin. There are specific services that exist today which cater to this. For example, Skin Laundry is one company that actually started offering monthly memberships for skin treatments, specifically for laser treatments about 5 years ago. Since then, a number of other companies have started offering these monthly services.

Many of them cost anywhere between $135 and $325 per month. Most of the services are viewed as being typical treatments for maintaining a healthy look and feel. They aren’t looked at as trying to change the appearance of your skin necessarily (like plastic surgery treatments).

So, what’s the incentive other than nice looking skin? Well, it all has to do with the cost savings involved. If you’re paying for the memberships up front, most of the time, the value that’s associated with doing so is far greater than purchasing individual treatments. Depending on your location, you may find that it’s a whole lot cheaper to subscribe to these types of memberships even if you’re not using them as much as possible. The choice is yours really. What I can say is that eating a pizza and not washing your face isn’t going to help anything.

Do you need a skin care membership to succeed?


You don’t NEED this really, but it can help. All you really need is discipline. If you’re willing to put in the work to look good then you’ll improve your skin. If not, then you won’t. It’s really that simple. These memberships simply give you a leg up on things and taking advantage of them is the smart thing to do.¬†I guess it’s kind of like getting a Birchbox or Ipsy membership, but you’re getting monthly treatments instead.

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Skin Care Memberships Are The New Craze This Year
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