Skin Care Ingredient Paraffin Causing Hundreds Of Fire Deaths


We’re very serious about our skin and the products that we apply to it. Given our concerns about ingredients in general, we couldn’t let this slide without covering it. People are literally losing their lives because of one specific skin care product that’s used in so many products today. The common ingredient, paraffin, is a skin care ingredient that’s recently been blamed for many fire deaths.

Paraffin causing house fires

Warning: Paraffin Causing Fires And Deaths

Paraffin containing skin care creams are trouble – so it seems. Not only are the trouble, but they are causing people to lose their lives as days progress. These skin creams that contain paraffin are often used to treat specific conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. According to a West Yorkshire fire chief, this ingredient is extremely flammable and are likely the cause of many fire-related deaths that have taken place lately.

The fire chief, Chris Bell, has made very specific claims, stating that the soaking and absorption of paraffin into your clothes and products are simply asking for trouble. Specifically, he said, “Cream can get into fabrics, clothing, bandages and dressings, and become flammable.” It’s one of the things that people brush off until it becomes an issue for them. Here’s how it works. If you’ve been wearing skin creams that contain paraffin, that ingredient likely soaks into your clothes and with the slightest contact of a flame, cigarette, or high heat source in general, it could be and often is life-threatening.

Should you be worried?


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Whenever a skin condition develops, we often don’t think what the negative effects might be of using this product. We certainly don’t think that death with be a result of using a skin care product. The bottom line is quite simple, if you’re using any skin care products that contain paraffin, then you need to stay away from smoke, fire, heat, and anything that could cause a fire.

Assuming that you’re wearing products daily that contain this ingredient, then it is advised that you wash your clothes and bed sheets regularly, even daily if possible.

Don’t take this lightly at all. This is a serious matter and one that you need not ignore. If you’re suffering from eczema or psoriasis or any other issues, then you need to read the ingredients on labels before applying any products, period. Skin care products are not meant to cause fires, but clearly, they can. Do your best to protect yourself from them and stop using all paraffin containing products, simple as that.

Looking for alternative product options? If so, then we’ve got some choices for you to check out. We suggest that you check out the products that we’ve listed here on that do not contain paraffin. Assuming that the products you’re using do contain paraffin or any form of that ingredient, then I’m going to suggest you throw it out.

At the very least, if you decide to continue using these products containing this ingredient, then what you need to do is store them safely. That means keeping them out of heat and far away from flames. Also, I strongly suggest that you plan to wash your bed sheets and clothes on a daily basis.

Skin Care Ingredient Paraffin Causing Hundreds Of Fire Deaths
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