Skin Care Hampers Make Great Gifts


hamper with skin products Skin care hamper boxes are not only an easy and fun gift to give someone, they can also be cheap as well as personal to create. There are no rules when it comes to creating hamper boxes and they are very versatile and quirky. When it comes to skin care hamper boxes and what to gift someone, it is always good to include a mixture of different products that have different purposes.

The most essential skincare products that are a must in all hamper boxes are:


Moisturizer is not only the most essential every day skin care product, it is also an important product to include in a skin care gift hamper. It is a product you know will be used and appreciated; a fancy moisturizer by Lush or The Body Shop would be great in a gift hamper.

Body Scrub:

Not only are body scrubs amazing gifts to give on their own, they’re an even better gift to give in a hamper. Body scrubs are very luxurious and amazing for exfoliating so they make a perfect addition to a skin care hamper. A good quality scrub can be bought from any body and soap shop; however, they can be made fresh just as easily. The main ingredient in body scrubs are either coarse salt or sugar, add whatever ingredients you want to it (mint and honey are the most classic yet soothing ingredients make a scrub out of), put it in a fancy jar or container and you have your own homemade body scrub.

BB Cream:

BB Cream is a great addition to a skin care hamper because it’s a make-up and skin care product combined. BB cream has a moisturizer base and a touch of foundation, it provides light or medium cover and the best thing about it is there is generally one product to suit all skin tones making it easy to buy for someone. BB cream is a great alternative to foundation, provides protection to the sun, keeps skin hydrated and adapts to your skin tone. The Body Shops ‘one-for-all’ BB cream is a great hamper box gift as it is starts as a white cream and changes to your skin tones color as you blend it.

Skin Care Hampers Make Great Gifts
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