Skin Care Free Trial Offers

If you know anything about the skin care and beauty industry, you know just how rampant the free trial offers are these days. Many consumers approach us asking one simple question, “Should I completely avoid free trial offers?” Our answers would likely fluctuate across the board given that we’ve got a number of individuals here contributing to However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t simply agree on a few things when it comes to consumers rights and the way they’re treated.

Which is exactly why we’re diving head first into the free trial issues to share all that we know about them. We’re doing this so you don’t get burned and if you do decide to use a free trial skin care product, you know what to look for to keep yourself out of harms way.

free trial skin care scams

Everything About Skin Care Free Trials

You can’t click around any beauty websites without coming across the infamous skin care free trial offers. They’re absolutely everywhere. I’m talking about skin cream offers, eye gels, cleansers, face masks, moisturizers, anti wrinkle miracles so on and so forth. They are literally everywhere that you turn.

We’re very meticulous about all the offers that are out there and what we promote as well as suggest for users. We hate it when companies scam people and it happens more frequently then most like to admit. Actually, people scam consumers as well.

The good news here?

We’re going to help you siphon through all the B.S. and avoid every scam on the Internet when it comes to caring for your skin. Sure, it’s not always easy to spot, but knowledge is power.

Let’s start with the basics, what do these manufacturers typically do? Well, the main tactic they take is to offer a “Try, don’t buy” offer which is where the fine print comes into play. I’ll paint a not-so-pretty picture for you so you understand how this works.

The manufacturer presents you with some landing page that has a beautiful woman on it with great looking skin. She’s all smiles and applying something to her skin. Well, the company puts a big colorful message out to you stating that you can “Try this product for free.” All they require is that you provide some very important information. You’ll have to provide your name, address, and your credit card information.

Oh, let me not forget about the most crucial part of all of this, the fine print and agree to the terms and conditions. You’ll be asked to agree to all terms and buried within the terms is where things get really ugly.

By law and due to FTC guidelines, the companies are required to disclose information to consumers. Not doing so can get them in serious trouble. So, what the company does here is they bury the facts into a jam-packed legal section of their website. This is the page that you never read and don’t have any intentions of reading either.

They rope you in with their fancy photos and cute flawless models, only to completely screw you on the backend days later. You’ll be asked up front to pay for shipping. That’s pretty standard and the reason they ask you to do so is to verify that you have an active credit card that works. They charge you shipping and handling, then comes the fun part…

Eventually, within a week or so you end up receiving your magical skin care cream. Heck, it may even be one of those Shark Tank Face Creams that have been selling like hotcakes online. Whatever it may be, you get it and you’re happy to do so.

What Happens Next?

A couple weeks may go by, perhaps 40 days or so and you notice that you’ve got another product that you’ve received in the mail. You instantly begin to think that the company has royally screwed up but guess what, they did not.

Instead, they whacked your credit card for the full price of the skin care product. So, that product which you tried for $4.95 ends up costing you much more than you anticipated on spending. That’s all because you failed to unenroll within the required period of time.

Unwanted Product & Charges…Now What?

So, you’ve got extra skin care product and you want nothing to do with it and you don’t want charges on your card. Unfortunately, you’re in a tough spot. Chances are you’re going to have to reach out to the manufacturer and set up a return ticket with them. They’ll provide you with a specific number so they can associate the product being returned to an initial transaction.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to mail in the product along with the reference number and the original proof of purchase to eventually get your money back. Oh, I should also mention that you will have to do this in a certain period of time or you’ll be billed again.

What To Look For To Avoid Free Trial Scams

There are a couple of things that you can be on the lookout for which will likely help you avoid any free trial skin care scams. First things first, avoid sites that put news sites, as seen on and other hogwash like that in your face.

Look out for the following:

– Limited quantities available scams.

– As seen on NBC, People, InStyle and other publications.

– Rush My Trial or Free Trial Buttons.

– 7 Days Free.

The main issue here is that sites are horrible about canceling your subscription. More often than not, they don’t take action. Instead, they simply bang your credit card over and over until you cancel the card.

Now, what’s important to understand here is that not all skin care companies are equal. They don’t all scam consumers. My suggestion would be to spend some time reading our best of pages such as the best eye cream page and others of similar structure. Reason being, we’ve not recommended a single product that offers a free trial. If you come across any offer that you’re not comfortable with, please send it over to us and we’ll gladly investigate things for you.

Skin Care Free Trial Offers
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