Water’s Role in Skin Care

Beautiful girl drinking water outdoorsWe all know that drinking water is highly important for the human survival. An adequate intake of water daily contributes to good overall health, digestion, absorption and excretion. This has all been well documented. What has not been thoroughly researched thus far and has given grounds for debate is the effect of drinking water to the skin.

There have been arguments in favor of drinking water producing younger looking skin complexions and healthier and more radiant skin, while there have also been arguments claiming that it had no effect on the appearance of the skin whatsoever. Probably the answer is simpler than you think.

The skin is an organ

In fact it is the largest organ of the body and the one responsible for keeping bacteria, viruses and other harmful agents away. Just like any other organ it is made of cells which, in turn, contain water. It is a fact that without water none of the cells of the body, no matter in which organ they may be located, work properly or adequately.

It is also a fact that the lack of hydration for the skin results in dryness, flaky and tight skin, prone to wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Large amounts of water are lost daily and they must be replenished. But is it to be replaced by drinking or, as far as the skin is concerned, another way is better?

The solution can probably be found in a combination. Another unfortunate reality (based on how the body works) says that the water that we drink reaches the skin last. It first passes through all the other organs. Therefore, to keep it hydrated, the solution should involve a way to allow the skin to get some water and keep it there.

The solution

Let’s begin with the effects of the drinking water. The minimum quantity required is 8 glasses daily. This will assist in removing toxins from the skin and to accommodate both aforementioned views it will not hurt. In fact it may have a beneficial effect on the overall bodily health.

It may very well be that drinking water may not have the same effect on every person. It certainly will have no effect in a short period of time. You may have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before any results are noticeable. Meanwhile you need to act so that the skin gets the lost water replenishment that it needs.

The best way to do that is to apply a moisturizer no later than 2 minutes after completing a bath or shower. At this time the pores are still open and the skin is more susceptible to the effects of skin care products. Of even more importance is to apply a product containing hyaluronic acid PRIOR to the moisturizer.

The point of the exercise is to allow the skin to retain the water inside. Hyaluronic acid increases 1,000 times the potential for water retention by both attracting the water molecules from the atmosphere and keeping them to the skin where they can be most effective.

Why are there no studies on this?

There has been no research on how drinking water affects the skin because there is no funding. And there is no funding because studies like this require vast amounts of money that can only be given by privately owned corporations that will not invest since they cannot patent and sell water for a profit.

As long as this issue is not resolved and comprehensive long term studies are not performed, the debate will continue. And in most probability there will be supporters of both the beneficial results and the no results views. There is also another issue to consider on this.

Most of the world drinks water from the tabs. There is no single standard applied for the quality of water. In fact, the water that is considered as completely drinkable in some areas may be considered as dangerous in others. This is contributing even more to the debate as water is never pure.  Even bottled water differs in mineral and other contents.

This is the main reason that there is only one study ever performed on how drinking water effects the skin. And even the results of this study are contradictory. However, no matter how anyone wants to view this, drinking water is beneficial overall. Even if it has no effect on your skin, it will have an effect on the other organs. In any case it will not do you any harm.

Consuming Water – What We Know It Will Do for Your Skin

For starters, drinking plenty of water and keeping hydrated is a key component to exfoliating your skin.  When you drink water, you create the ability to sweat.  When this happens, you shed your dead skin cells and essentially exfoliate naturally.

Also, consuming water can be a great way to reduce signs of fatigue such as dark under eye circles, eye bags, and even puffiness around the eyes.

Water’s Role in Skin Care
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