Simple Skin Tips For Kids (Just In Time For Summer)


How important is it that we take care of our kid’s skin? You guessed it! It’s extremely important and perhaps one of the most important things that you focus on this summer while your child is on summer break. Children have very sensitive skin. The environmental factors such as pollutants and sun exposure as well as wind can have a real impact on their skin. That said, protecting kids skin is perhaps the most important thing that you can do for their health long term. Which is why I’m going to give you some tips today which should help keep your children’s skin healthy and safe as can be during the long summer break.

kids skin tips for summertime

Basic Skin Tips For Kids…

Okay, so now that we all agree that taking care of your kid’s skin is uber important, it’s now time to take action on it. Here’s what I suggest you do if you’re serious about protecting your children from damaging their skin.

Keep It Gentle

Remember, children have skin that’s a lot more sensitive and gentle than our adult skin. You cannot just throw any old skin care products in the mix. Instead, start by working in only kid-friendly, gentle products. My suggestion is to start only with products that are made specifically for babies and children. Johnson’s has been making gentle baby-safe products for years. They incorporate ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil all without incorporating harmful chemicals. Another option would be to incorporate products such as California Baby products.

Let Them Sleep

Guess what, it’s summertime and now’s the time to allow kids to get an adequate amount of sleep. It’s important that kids get eight to ten hours of sleep each day.

I suggest that you encourage them to stay well rested and even recharge their batteries during the middle of the day. Yes, the means taking scheduled naps regularly. Kids that are well rested often have nicer and healthier looking skin. Remember, as we sleep our skin rejuvenates itself.

Avoid Perfume and Cologne

Kids tend to get dirty and at times, parents may try to mask that through the use of perfume, cologne and other types of cleansing products that contain harsh chemicals.

These chemicals are easily absorbed and the sensitive skin that your kids have can often become irritated. It’s not uncommon for children to have allergic reactions when incorporating these perfumes and colognes. Instead, keep the good smelling chemicals out of the equation.

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Kids that eat healthier, often have healthier looking skin. It shows and it’s easy to tell. For example, if all your feeding your children are microwaveable foods and junk food, chances are their skin isn’t as healthy looking as those who eat healthy fish, veggies, and meats. Eating a strict balanced diet helps a ton, trust me.

Get Them Outside

Now, you want to make sure that your kids aren’t sitting inside all summer playing video games. Children need to get outside (with proper sun protection) in order to get an ample amount of vitamin D.

This is very important for improving immune function, healthy teeth, strong motor development as well as strong bones. Just be sure that you’re protecting their skin.

If your kids aren’t crazy about taking care of their skin, then perhaps you need to make it more fun. That’s pretty easy these days considering that so many brands are incorporating familiar cartoons and characters into new skin products. For example, Disney skin care products might be the answer. Just be sure to check the ingredients as they aren’t always meant for kids. Just do your research!

Simple Skin Tips For Kids (Just In Time For Summer)
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