Simple Skin Care For Teenagers And What’s Most Important


Your parents probably preach it and maybe even your friends. As teenagers, you need to start caring for your skin right now. Waiting until you’re in college or in your late 20s is far too late in the game. No dermatologist is going to recommend that you slack off in your adolescent years when it comes to good skin health.

Of course, a regimen may vary from person to person, but as a young individual, there are a few things that you need to be focusing on if you want to keep your face looking beautiful. I’m going to be sharing some advice that I’ve given many of the teens that I know. If you have a daughter or son in their teenage years, then I encourage you to discuss this with them if you haven’t already. They will thank you in the future.

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Skin Care Guidance For Teenagers Today

I’m going to start with the most obvious factor and that’s protecting one’s self from the sun. If you’re in your pre-teen or teenage years and you’ve not had any skin issues, this may be all you need to consider.

For teenagers with no skin problems, adding a moisturizing cream that contains sunscreen may be enough effort to get you through the day. I’d suggest applying the moisturizer two times per day.

The next thing you need to do is avoid chemicals that are harsh for your skin! Yes, I’m talking about all those products containing retinol and alpha hydroxy acid. Sure, they are good products for people to use at a later age but teenagers don’t need those chemicals.

Instead, I suggest searching for cleansers, moisturizers and other types of products that are specifically formulated to treat sensitive skin. They won’t have any of those harsh ingredients that most products do. While most people today live and die by them, if you are in your teens it’s best to avoid them. Don’t try and be like mom!

For those that already have acne issues, get on a regime pronto. If you’re having acne onset issues then it’s best to not wait until the problem becomes a bigger issue. As hormone levels kick into high gear, acne will start to form.

Start a skin care regimen that assists in reducing the onset of acne. If you start to develop issues at a young age, it’s best to visit a dermatologist for advice.

The best regimen to combat teen acne will incorporate products that are sensitive yet help control and reduce blackheads, whiteheads, and oil production. A great daily regimen will include the use of products containing a few ingredients.

Simple ingredients such as salicylic acid, vitamin A and some form of an over the counter anti-bacterial gel or even prescription (if necessary). I know it may not seem too important now but you need to stick to your guns and really put forth the effort to keep your skin clean and clear.

One day you’ll thank me for this advice, I’m sure of it!

Simple Skin Care For Teenagers And What’s Most Important
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