Simple Skin Care For Lazy People In Their 20s


Being young and quite careless is awesome, but it’s not great for your skin. When I was in my early 20s I took care of my skin but many of my friends didn’t care at all. In fact, lots of them would not even take the time to remove the makeup from their face after a night of partying. I’m sorry, but this is totally nasty and poor hygiene to the fullest extent.

You’re in your 20s and your skin looks amazing (maybe) due to the fact that it’s vibrant, collagen abundant and it’s tight as can be. Guess what, that’s not going to last if you don’t start treating your skin better.

Skin Care For People Lazy In Their 20s

The days of partying all damn night and walking up looking like a million dollars are certainly numbered or they’re dwindling for sure.

Sure, you apply any Snapchat filters and Instagram layovers that you can to make yourself look better than you’re feeling. We get it and we’re no stranger to your tricks.

While you’re living the life that you always dreamed of, your skin is quickly learning to despise you.

If you want nice looking skin later on in life then you need to respect the process and care for it daily. Here’s what I’m going to share with you, the fastest skin care routine requiring the least amount of energy that I can possibly think of. If you’re not all for that, then I’m sorry, you’ll likely have someĀ horrible looking skin for a long time!

Simple and Fast Skin CareRoutine For People Lazy In Their 20s

Let’s kick things off by washing your face. Start your night routine off with washing your face. You can opt for the basic exfoliating wipe if you’re too lazy to use anything else. This will help remove makeup and other dirt or grime that resides on your skin.

The next thing you’ll want to do is moisturize your skin. You need to something that lasts a long time. Find something that contains hyaluronic acid if you can. You need a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin with over a long period of time, especially since you typically neglect your skin, most likely.

Next up, you’ve got to apply some sunscreen to your face. If you’re not wearing sunscreen then you’re totally destroying your skin. Honestly, if I have to repeat myself on this again I think I just might scream! Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying a little bit of facial sunscreen on a daily basis. You can find a BB cream out there that contains SPF 30+ or something similar. Another option is to go for a basic facial sunscreen-moisturizer combo.

Honestly, this routine should take the typical irresponsible person in their 20s no longer than three minutes max per day. If you can’t dedicate that small amount of time to yourself and your health, then I’ve got nothing for you!

Good luck and may your skin stay as healthy and perfect as long as humanly possible. One last thing, if you know of any product that’s perfect for people of this age then don’t keep it all to yourself. Please do share it with us!

Simple Skin Care For Lazy People In Their 20s
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