Simple Butter Face Masks Are Trending In 2018


I’m willing to try almost anything when it comes to my skin. So long as it doesn’t involve hurting people or animals, then I’m all for it. In fact, I have done some really crazy stuff over the years. One of the things that I’ve been contemplating trying is a butter face mask. To me, it just sounds so darn strange. Most people would never even attempt this, not a chance. I bet you’re not aware that there are benefits to applying butter to your face.

It actually does help – A LOT.

What can it do you ask? Well, a butter face mask can help you moisturize your skin and hopefully get it looking healthy as can be.

The good news is that your skin type doesn’t play a factor in any of this, so if you’re sporting dry skin, oily skin or just normal skin, then you can take action here. My guess is that a butter face mask will have your skin in better shape and perhaps glow like never before even.

I’ve got two different masks that you can give a shot. It sounds counterintuitive to apply butter to your face, but it truly works.

butter face masks

Butter Face Mask Recipes To Consider Using

The first butter mask recipe that I’m going to share with you is called a mango butter mask. This mask is very beneficial for those that have excessively dry skin. Reason being, the mask has emollient properties that really help hydrate your skin like never before. It’s the vitamin A within the mango and butter that do wonders for your skin. If you’re suffering from burns, damaged skin, or simply sensitive skin in general then this mask will help.

The ingredients that you’ll need are half a mango, one tablespoon of butter, half teaspoon of chamomile oil, half teaspoon of apricot oil, and an egg yolk.

What you’ll want to do is mix all these ingredients together in a blender or food processor. You’ll want to blend them together until the ingredients are a paste-like consistency. The mask should feel smooth as can be. Once the paste is ready, you’ll want to wash your face and make sure that it’s dry.

Now it’s time to apply the paste to your face. Do so evenly and don’t forget to apply the mask to your neck area as well. Avoid the eye region as it will skin or irritate them should you get any in your eyes. Keep the mask applied for roughly 15 minutes. Once time is up, remove the mask using a moist towel or cloth. Soon as the mask has been completely removed from your face and neck, you’ll want to rinse with cold water, that’s all there is to it!

The next mask is the strawberry butter mask. This mask contains AHAs which help reduce wrinkles, unclog pores, remove dead skin and even remove acne. Here’s what you need to create this mask. You’ll need one tablespoon of organic butter, one strawberry, one slice of a cucumber (optional), one tablespoon lemon juice (optional), one egg yolk.

Take all those ingredients and mix them in a bowl. You’ll want to mix them good enough so that they create a paste-like substance. After washing and drying your face, apply the paste to your face and neck evenly. Leave the mask on for a few minutes, then wipe it off using a damp cloth. Rinse with cold water and that’s it!

You’ve officially got two options now to consider if you’re open to trying a butter face mask out!

Now if you’re looking for a video on this type of mask, then look no further. The one below is all you need. The video is done by Mehar Beauty, a channel with 100,000 subscribers.

Simple Butter Face Masks Are Trending In 2018
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