ShaveFace Disrupts Men’s Grooming With A Barber Essential!


Let’s face it. As a brand owner, it’s hard enough to survive in the skin care market today, let alone tomorrow or next year. Companies that sleep on ideas typically don’t last very long and those that aren’t thinking forward enough most likely just fade away. If you want to generate some buzz then you need to innovate, excite and evolve. The best way to do that is to create a product today for tomorrow. That’s what the folks over at ShaveFace seem to have done. Have they cracked the code to attract the modern man? Keep reading and find out!

shaveface the strop photo of The Strop available on their site.

ShaveFace The Value Proposition Of The Future For All Shavers

If you’re not familiar with this company, you might want to keep reading. This company might be the next biggest thing to disrupt the men’s shaving industry since the folks over at Dollar Shave Club launched their wacky commercials. They were bold, they didn’t care what people thought and they just went for it. Well, it seems like ShaveFace may have taken the same approach. Their plan is to save habitual shavers thousands of dollars using an old school technique in the new school world that we live in today.

The ShaveFace co-founders wanted to bring a solution to the market to solve a huge problem that too many men have today. They don’t get enough out of their razors. Guys, how many times have you picked up your razor in disgust, only to find out that it’s dull as can be?

These guys wanted to give men the fresh blade experience without having to shell out tons of cash to experience it. Razor blades aren’t as cheap as everyone thinks they are. The typical razor blade lasts between one and two weeks (depending on how often you use it).

Well, ShaveFace co-founder Casey Perkal decided to take the old school Strop (which was used by almost every barber back in the day to sharpen a razor blade) and bring it back to life. Using the Strop takes literally less than ten seconds. It basically cleans razor blades to help increase the life of them.

In short, what these guys are doing is simple. They are trying to make a standard disposable razor last longer. It then becomes a product that you don’t disposeĀ of (right away). Could it disrupt the disposable razor market? I think so! If enough people care about the value of a dollar and they look at this as an investment versus an additional cost, I think you’ll see more people allocating their grooming funds to the purchase of the Strop versus shelling out more money for disposable razors.

If you’re interested in purchasing products from Noble & Porter, LLC (parent company of, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Check out their video below…

ShaveFace Disrupts Men’s Grooming With A Barber Essential!
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