Shady Eye Cream Offer That You Must Avoid


I’ve been known to show call out companies when it’s rightfully due. I also do my best to protect skin care consumers from fraud, scams, and other things that would harm their skin, wallet and more. That also includes calling out advertisements that I simply can’t trust. I recently came across a ad that I had to share with you. No, I’m not sharing it because I want you to invest in the product. Instead, I’m going to tell you how and why they do what they do.

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Why You Must Avoid This Eye Cream Offer

There is a specific offer on Craigslist that what seems to be a Denver-based company has posted. The offer itself is for someone to write a review on the eye cream. Like many Craigslist ads, it was rather vague, but it did include some language stating that they would compensate individuals for leaving reviews on Amazon.

In my opinion, that’s quite unethical to do. Offering someone both compensation and a free product is something that I have a real problem with. They are willing to pay you either via Venmo or PayPal. Now, I didn’t provide the actual link to the review because I certainly don’t want you wasting time trying to content them.

Your question now is likely, “Why would they pay for reviews?” Well, they’d be willing to pay for reviews that are positive. Doing so may help their product look more popular than it really is and it may help build the brand. My point is, there are many things that skin care companies can do in an attempt to build their brands and maximize exposure.

I don’t agree with what some companies do to try and reach more customers and it’s most likely that they’ll only selectively respond to inquiries that they trust. If Amazon were to find out who this company is and that they’re doing this, then you bet they’d get shut down in a heartbeat.

Like I said, avoid Craigslist at all times when it comes to skin care. If you want to learn about a few scamming tactics then you should read this.

Shady Eye Cream Offer That You Must Avoid
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