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I’m normally pretty nice about writing these skin care product reviews, but no all the time. In some cases, I come across a company that rubs me the wrong way. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when I came across the Seoul Ceuticals Korean Skin Care serum. While I’m going to get into the reason why I don’t like this company, I will first focus on the brand, company, and product. Then I will focus on why I’m skeptical about using it.

seoul ceuticals serum reviewSeoul Ceuticals Serum Review

Today’s review will be focusing on a specific product called the Seoul Ceuticals CE Ferulic Serum. But first, some background on the brand and company. Based on some simple research that I conducted, I was able to quickly determine that Seoul Ceuticals prides itself on being a Korean skin care company.

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They specialize in a craze that seems to be taking the world by storm globally. In fact, you cannot step foot into any skin care store without coming across some sheet mask or Korean skin treatment. I’ve used many of these types of products before and I know that my wife has done so as well. One thing I’d like to point out is that just because a product seems to be abundant and trending doesn’t mean that it’s incredible. Do your homework before taking any action at all.

Based on my research, there is very little that can be found about the company behind this brand. The products seem to be distributed by a company called Seoul Ceuticals which is based out of Palm Beach, FL. That’s a bit strange given that they claim to be a Korean skin care company. You would think that they’re based out of Korea, right? Anyway, that’s not a big deal just something worth pondering in my opinion. Moving right along here.

The product that I’ve been researching is officially known as the Day Glow Serum. It’s one of the many vitamin C serums on the market today and seems the label really jumps right out at you. That’s most likely why it caught my eye so quickly.

Now, the label is bold and informative, I’ll give it that for sure. In terms of ingredients, there is a slew of them which have been included in this product. To quickly name a few you’ll find:

Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin E
Citrus stem cells
Ferulic acid
d-Alpha tocopheryl
Organic Aloe
Organic jojoba oil
and more.

The product claims to be able to treat your wrinkles, aging issues, fine lines, and other skin issues that many people deal with regularly. Based on some of the research that I’ve done, it does seem like the product is considered to be partially organic but it’s not an all-natural or organic solution to perfect skin. Sure, it sounds like it but do not let that fool you one bit.

As for the features of the product, Seoul Ceuticals claims that this product contains many of the same ingredients that competitors charge a hefty price for in the same marketplace. For example, Skinceuticals charges $160 for their CE Ferulic Serum. That’s a huge price difference in comparison to the cost involved here at Seoul Ceuticals.

The company apparently stands by their product and claims that this is guaranteed to work. They promise that you will see results within three weeks of use. Now, I’m no genius but based on what I’ve seen throughout the years, there literally is NO GUARANTEE when using any skin care product on the market today. For the most part, it’s a trial and error process that one must take. Plain and simple, really.

How To Use Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum

Using this product is pretty simple. If you’re interested in using it, then all you need to know is what to do and how to do it. My advice would be to clean your face, apply toner and complete the exfoliating process. Once you’ve done all that, then you apply 2-3 drops to your clean hands and work the product into your skin. Be sure to not neglect any pertinent areas such as your neck and decollete area (both often overlooked).

Now, as far as product use is concerned, the impact you’re striving to achieve is likely a reduction in wrinkles, elimination of crows feet and totally eliminate fine lines. This topical vitamin C product claims to be able to shrink your pores, clear up your acne, stop breakouts, minimize acne scars and more.

Will that happen using the Seoul Ceuticals product with a guarantee?


Like I said, there’s no guarantee in skin care.

Skeptical Reviews (Spot Fakes)

Now, the moment that you’ve been waiting for here. Although the product is highly liked on I find it strange that the “review rating” is so awful. Basically, what I mean by that is you’re more than likely going to run into some fake reviews.

I did my part and looked at the reviews that this product showcases on Amazon and they couldn’t be any shadier than they already are. Based on my research, the company has received an F grade in regards to the fake reviews. This is something that I just cannot tolerate and when a company has an F rating it’s no longer an option in my book.

Here’s a screenshot to prove to you what I’m talking about.

seoul ceuticals fakespot reviews

Conclusion: Stay Away From Seoul Ceuticals

Based on my research, the Seoul Ceuticals Serum is not worth your time. Sure, it’s cheap and very affordable but that’s it. Think about it, how much can you really get for $15? Can they guarantee that your skin will change for such a low price? I think not.

What other options do you have out there? LOTS. 

If you’re using our website to make purchasing decisions, then you’ll find plenty of them here. My advice would be to check out some of the other vitamin c serum reviews that we’ve written. In the event that you don’t like those, go for the Elite Serum product. When in doubt, sniff it out! You’ll eventually find something that appeals to you.

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