Selfies Suck, Skin Care “Shelfies” Are Where It’s At


How many selfies have you taken in your lifetime? If you are obsessive then this number might be close to 5,000 selfies. If you’re an average smartphone user then it’s possible that it’s in the hundreds instead. Well, selfies are no longer cool. In fact, they are so last year.

What has since replaced the selfies is called the shelfie.

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What Are Shelfies?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this term means. However, I’ll be a sport and just lay it out for you. Shelfies are pictures that showcase your grooming goods. I know, you’re pissed off and would rather show the world your pretty face.

We don’t want to see your face. We only care what you’re putting on it!

Shelfies are a thing that currently are blowing up people’s Instagram and Facebook feeds. The skin care and beauty product boom is causing a takeover of feeds with hashtag shelfies being the hottest social media craze to hit the skin care industry in years.

But wait one second. Don’t just open up that messy drawer of yours and snap a photo. You’ll only be embarrassing yourself doing something like that. There’s an art to taking the perfect shelfie.

You need to set things up for it. Don’t be afraid to add in a cool backdrop or even some gems or something funky. Add a clean backdrop and a couple of accent pieces. These shelfies usually showcase a bunch of skin care products and they do tend to have a “set up” look and feel to them.

If you’re a #shelfie taker and you’ve got skills to pay the bills with your camera then don’t be afraid to show them off. Set up your shelfies and @skincaredotnet if you’re posting on Instagram. Maybe we’ll kick you some cash or skin care swag for your efforts if your shelfie game is strong. Whatever you do, don’t just open a drawer and snap a picture of your products. Doing that only shows the world how much of a hoarder you really are. Keep you #shelfie game strong. Go for it!

Selfies Suck, Skin Care “Shelfies” Are Where It’s At
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