Are Selfies Are Destroying Your Skin?


Do you take selfies with your smartphone? Who are you kidding! Of course, you know you take selfies. We’ve all taken a selfie at one point or another. What if I told you that all those selfies are literally aging you? Well, it’s quite possible. Keep reading to find out!

excessive selfies damage skin
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Selfies May Be Destroying That Young Looking Skin

A blogger in the U.K. named Mehreen Baig has been taking tons of selfies. Daily Mail published an article on the blogger. She literally takes 50 selfies every day that she posts on Instagram and her personal blog. Mehreen Baig found out that it was possible that taking selfies with both her smartphone and computer may be causing damage to her skin.

She decided to get some expert advice and visited her doctor. She consulted with Dr. Simon Zokaie, a dermatologist at Linia Skin Clinic in London. What Baig found out was that a smartphone¬†can cause damage to your skin due to the HEV light injunction with UVA and UVB rays that the blue light gives off. Now according to Dr. Zokaie, this can slow down the healing process of your our skin and may even impact your skin’s ability to protect itself. Dr.Zokaie’s findings have confirmed that the various brown spots and freckles on Mehreen Baig’s face are likely a result of her excessive telephone and computer use.

What exactly does this mean? Well, based on the findings that Dr. Simon Zokaie has reported, I’d like to suggest that it’s a good idea to not take excessive selfies from our smartphones and computers. However, one thing that we need to remember is that this is just the opinion of one dermatologist. Before we make extreme adjustments and refrain from taking selfies all together, we’re going to need to do further research.

For now, I’ll personally suggest that you limit your selfies and snap chats to less than 5 per day. If Mehreen Baig was taking 50 selfies per day, I’d like to think that cutting that down by 90% should drastically reduce the aging process. However, I’m not a dermatologist nor am I a selfie expert. Just proceed with caution.

Are Selfies Are Destroying Your Skin?
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