Selfie Queens Are Going To Cry When They Find This Out…


How many selfie pictures to you take daily with friends or even just by yourself? If you tell me none, then I’m simply going to assume that you do not have a properly functioning smartphone with all the most popular social networking apps. If that is the case, don’t get mad at me just yet. I’m not making fun of you for not having these things. In fact, you may be in better skin health for a lack of your technology efforts.

Women across the globe are going to hate me for saying this but it’s true and it’s for your own health that I reveal the information I’m about to share with you. Selfies suck for your skin!

Selfie Queens Age Faster

Selfie Queens Age Faster Than Others

If you are a selfie queen then there’s a good chance that you have more wrinkles in your face than others. Why you might ask? Simple, mobile phones give off radiation. When you use your smartphone, you are exposing your skin to mobile radiation. When you use your cellphone excessively like most selfie queens do, then you’re really exposing yourself. This extra level of exposure speeds up the aging process.

Another thing that those taking selfies a thousand times a day need to understand is that the over the counter moisturizers that you’re lathering yourself with may not be doing the trick.

According to an article that was published in, experts may even be able to tell which hand you are taking selfies with. They say that this is detectable based on the side of the face that has the most damage.

The moral to the story is simple. Don’t take too many selfies. Take a couple a day at most. Limit your exposure and you should be fine. Unless you have gobs of money like the Kardashian girls to spend money to look fabulous then I’d suggest you put a halt to the selfies.

One other thing that I can suggest is that you begin to incorporate the use of high quality skin care products at an early age. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action on this stuff. If you do wait, you will be sorry. I would bet my life on it! Word to the wise, take a skin care shelfie instead!

Selfie Queens Are Going To Cry When They Find This Out…
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