Selena Gomez Has A Three Step Process You’ll Want To Know About


Selena Gomez is obviously one of the most famous singers on the planet. She is the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber and she has matured quite a bit since her split with Bieber. With maturity, comes blemishes.

Given that Selena holds her microphone so close to her face during performances, she’s prone to having bad breakouts on and around her chin. This is quite common for most artists that hold microphones close to their face. It’s just part of the process. The good news is that Selena has a surefire way to keep from having those nasty breakouts around her chin and I’m here to spread the word about it.

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How Selena Gomez Keeps Her Skin Breakout Free

Selena is currently on tour and is traveling across both Canada and the United States performing for her Revival Tour. She’s got a pretty hectic schedule but she always makes time to treat her skin with the respect that it deserves.

The Texas native entertainer recently told Allure Magazine that she had a three step process which she always follows. She never bends the rules, nor does she take alternative routes based on what I’ve read. The 23-year-old singer said that she washes her face, then uses a toner and lastly she applies a small amount of moisturizer. Apparently, Selena has very oily skin and is careful not to over apply any type of product to her face.

Selena does experiment with product brands but not the process. The other thing that Selena had mentioned that she always does is remove her makeup and wash her face nightly. She does this no matter how late or wild of a night she has had.

Selena must be doing something right because her complexion is pretty much, “blemish free” these days and she continues to look younger than most as we all start to look aged and weathered. If you want to stay young looking then I suggest you take some of the advice that Selena had to offer and put things into action!

Selena Gomez Has A Three Step Process You’ll Want To Know About
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