Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener Earns “#1 New Release” In Body Creams


Do you ever look at your intimate zones and think that they could use the help of a lightening cream?  Many adult entertainers, models, and actors and actresses are choosing to brighten their private areas with the help of skin lightening creams made for intimate areas.  Today we’re sharing with you a product that’s been climbing the ranks of thanks to a solid history of customer reviews.

The Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener Review

Not many people talk about brightening their intimate areas.  However, people are coming out speaking in droves about the new product by Seductiva, a rather new, edgy brand under the SkinPro International umbrella of brands.


Things to Know About The Seductiva Intimate Area Lightener

  • Brightens each area up to five shades
  • Advanced ingredients for maximum results
  • Fast acting, long lasting
  • For the “bikini zone” and posterior regions
  • Money Back guarantee

Known for making the edgiest of cosmeceutical products, including the Bioplacenta serum, and of course, the flagship product, Elite Serum.

What Are Customers Saying?

Read some of the recent Seductiva intimate zone lightener reviews:



Getting a #1 “new release” in any category is extremely difficult on  I reached out to company President Timothy Schmidt, and asked what makes this product so unique.  He replied with the following:

Like any product, it all comes down to the ingredient deck.  We spared no expense formulating another winning product.

Schmidt also added “a lot of the competition in this space focuses on one specific part of the body, for example, the nipples, under arm area, or even the anus.  We formulated this product to be safe for all intimate areas, and I know that’s definitely a driving force behind the warm customer reception this product is getting.”

The Seductiva line of products is a mostly female-centric collection of skin treatments.  A new launch in 2017, Schmidt confirmed that this division of SkinPro is going to get more attention as time passes.  “We have a lot of great products going through the R & D phase right now.  2018 is going to be very busy,” added Schmidt.

In addition to the intimate zone lightener, Seductiva also makes a Breast and Butt Enhancer, as well as a Vaginal tightening gel.

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Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener Earns “#1 New Release” In Body Creams
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