Save Your Skin From Workout Damage


We all know that going to the gym or working out on a regular basis is great for your body. It’s one of those things that you can’t avoid if you want to look great. However, it’s possible that you workout is having a negative impact on your skin. It may be doing more damage than good for your skin. The good news is that I’m going to help you save your skin from the damage that may result from your workouts.

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How To Save Your Skin From Workout Damage

I came across some tips that Sophie Panych from Allure Magazine shared with their readers. Here are five ways that your workout might be damaging your skin and what you can do to change things.

Breaking Out

When you workout, you sweat (hopefully). Well, all the sweat, oil, and bacteria can cause you to breakout. Areas that are especially prone to breaking out are your face, chest, back and even upper arm area. Fear not, there’s a way that you can avoid these nasty breakouts without killing your workouts.

The key here is to wash quickly after your workout. Cleaning your skin almost immediately after a hard workout will do wonders for your skin and will certainly prevent breakouts from occurring. All that sweat and bacteria can get stuck in pores and really clogs things up for you. This is a playground for acne breakouts to occur. If at all possible, shower at the gym immediately following your workout. If you’re unable to do that, then I suggest that you use some form of wipes to clean your skin. Ladies, you should also remember that it’s never a good idea to wear makeup to the gym. That can cause extra damage to your skin so steer clear of it.


Bacne is often the result of not wearing the right attire. Some shirts simply aren’t ideal for sweating in and they can actually lead to bacne issues. Another huge no-no is staying in those sweaty gym clothes for too long. That can really be a stinky situation.

The solution, wear clothese that are breathable! You want to workout in clothes that wick sweat away and pull it off of your body. I’d like to also suggest that you use a solution with salicyclic acid on areas that you are prone to getting acne on.

More Wrinkles

If you’re a big runner, then you may have noticed that your skin has become saggy over the years. That very well could be related to the running, breaking down collagen in your skin.

If you find that your skin is extra saggy at a young age, it’s possible that it’s due to high impact intense activity. You may want to switch things up a bit when possible. You should also be using a cream and moisturizer after your workout to help fix any damage that your workout may have caused.

Sun Damage

If you’re like many of the individuals in the gym or at CrossFit then you spend a lot of time either staring out the wind while working out or you’re doing the activity outside. Regardless, you are being exposed to UV rays. These rays will without a doubt damage your skin, causing you to age prematurely and it even puts you at risk of getting melanoma.

The solution is so simple, just wear sunscreen. Find an oil-free solution that won’t further clog your pores and you’re good to go.

Well, with all those solutions, you shouldn’t be thinking about skipping your workout just to keep your skin healthy looking. Instead, just take some action!

Want to watch the video on all the tips? Here you go!


Save Your Skin From Workout Damage
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