San Diego BBB Warns All Of Skin Care Company


When the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns us of something, we listen and we listen well! While it might not be national news, it’s about to be since we’re sharing it here today! There’s a company based out of San Diego that might take your money and run like the wind.

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Southern California Skin Care Company Gets “F Grade” From BBB

Let me ask you a question, “Are you familiar with free trials?” Well, assuming that you’re not I’ll give you a rundown as to what they are. It’s quite simple really. This is a business model that many skin care companies use to entice consumers to take action. They do so by offering free product trials, which automatically rebill in the event that you forget to cancel your subscription.

I’d say that it’s almost a common occurrence that a consumer opts in for a free trial online and ends up forgetting to cancel the subscription. This leads to continuous rebills until the subscription is canceled.

Okay, now that you know exactly how these free trials work, it’s important to know which companies aren’t honoring the cancellations of these trials. One comapny, in particular, is Lavish Skin Care. According to a local news channel based in San Diego, CA, this company has received more than 100 complaints over the last few years. All of those complaints have been filed with the BBB stating that the company’s subscription fee disclosure was lacking and shady at best.

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This company seems to also operate under the business name Adamas Validus LLC and the manager in charge is Ms. Alyssa Ruckman. We became privy to this information due to some public record keeping.

Most of the complaints filed mention the failure for the business to clearly state terms and conditions. Consumers enroll in a 14-day free trial and end up being charged over and over without cancellation.

This skin care company is not the only culprit out there and for that reason alone, I’d like to point out the importance of reading terms and conditions. Before you agree to any free trial option within the skin care industry, please be sure to read the terms.

Nothing is free and Lavish Skin Care is cashing in on your lack of attention to detail and research. We have a zero tolerance policy for this nonsense at

For those wondering what products to avoid, you’ll want to stay away from the Divine Serum and any other products associated with the parent company mentioned above. Should you decide to not take my advice, then I guarantee you will get burned.

Now, if you’re looking for other product alternatives, then you’re in luck. Purchasing products on are completely safe as it’s a secure marketplace that does not play when it comes to returns and other things of that nature. My advice would be to take some time to review other skin care products that we’ve provided information on over the years. If you’re looking for a powerful anti aging serum, I’d suggest you start here and work on finding other effective products based on your conditions.

San Diego BBB Warns All Of Skin Care Company
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