Salmon Egg Enzymes Are Great For Your Skin


One would never think that enzymes from salmon eggs would be good for your skin, right? Well, all the other products with fancy ingredients may need to push over and make some room for one which contains salmon egg enzymes. Here’s the scoop on this hot ingredient.

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Devin Boyd

Are Salmon Egg Enzymes The Next Best Ingredient?

There’s a new skin care line on the market that’s turn heads these days and it’s up to something fishy! This is an interesting one for sure and how the company idea was spawned is rather interesting. According to a news update done by WWLTV, the latest girl to win Miss Baton Rouge, Devin Boyd, was looking for a product and regimen that would really kick things into high gear in preparation for the Miss Louisana USA Pageant. Focusing on just diet and exercise wasn’t an option. She also wanted to focus on getting her skin in tip top shape.

According to an interview that she did, Devin said, “I just wanted smooth under the eyes, no puffiness.” Well, in order to achieve jsut that, she went to meet with a dermatologist named Dr. Mary Lupo. Dr. Lupo recommended that Devin try something that’s apparently brand new to the market. The product is called Restorsea PRO and it supposedly contains a natural enzyme that is present when baby salmon hatch from their eggs.

restorsea pro contains enzymes in salmon egg

The products active ingredient works similar to how retinoids work, further excelling the skin turnover process. The product is said to be safe and exceptionally effective when used in sensitive areas such as around your eyes.

According to Dr.Lupo, there are celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow that are using the product. Devin mentioned that she continues to use the product even though her skin isn’t bad. She’s doing so as a more preventative measure.

As for what spawned the idea to create the product, the product creator noticed that individuals who worked in the fisheries had beautiful hands. She must have done some further investigating and no sooner determined that the main cause was the exposure to the enzyme. Whether or not enough studies were done to actually determine that I honestly haven’t got a clue. But I plan on digging into this deep and if it goes from skin craze to necessity, you better believe that I’ll be all over it and will become an expert on it soon enough.

Salmon Egg Enzymes Are Great For Your Skin
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