Ryan Seacrest’s Skin Care Line Is Officially Available Now


We’ve written about this in the past but now that it’s finally come to fruition, it’s time to do so again. The infamous Ryan Seacrest has officially launched his new skin care line, Polished by Dr. Lancer. Most men out there likely pay no mind to this type of product release. Many of them may even shun it or make fun of those that even think about using them.

ryan seacrest skin care line released
Polished by Ryan Seacrest & Dr. Harold Lancer

As far as I’m concerned, all those people shunning are crazy. I’m not saying that every guy needs to be a skin care expert, but if you’re not putting in a little bit of effort to look good, then that speaks volumes. Like most guys out there, I’ve been known to slack at times and just grab anything in the shower that’s within arms reach. However, I’m about to stop doing that because I’ve decided to jump on Ryan Seacrest’s skin care routine.

Before I get into everything that I plan on doing here, let me share some info on the product line. For starters, it seems like there’s a simple reason why Ryan Seacrest and Dr. Harold Lancer decided to start this product line. For the record, many celebs use Dr. Lancer’s line for women such as Selena Gomez and more.

The release of the Polished skin range for men was to simply fill a void in the market. According to Ryan, he thought that the market was lacking in terms of “Science-driven skin care developed specifically for men.” I can’t say that I completely disagree. In fact, he might be spot on as most of the products out there for men just don’t have the science, research, and development backing it like products for women.

Most guys just use whatever it is their wife, girlfriend, or significant other leave in the shower or bathroom cabinet. The problem with this is that men typically have a different type of skin that’s more prone to producing oil. All of which plays a role in how your skin reacts to product use as well.

Now, moving onto the specific products which are a part of the Polished line. The first product that I’ll be working into my daily routine will be the Daily Micro-Scrub which is a grainy scrub that looks like a white paste. It’s great for exfoliating skin that’s built up and caused pores to clog. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of this and for $35, it’s a pretty good deal.

The next product I’ll be working into my daily regimen is Dr. Lancer’s Dual Cleanse and Shave Cream. Kill two birds with one stone? Count me in! This is a two in one cleanser and shaving cream that costs $20. It helps exfoliate the skin, remove dirt, oil, debris and the shave leaves you looking dapper and clean. I’m all for it and for $20 that might be the main product in my daily kit.

Last but not least, there’s a product that all people living in South Florida should be wearing. I’m talking about the Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. I must admit that I’ve slacked in this department in the past. However, I’m spending more time trying to protect my skin from environmental factors.

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They also sell an anti aging serum and a lip care product. Truth be told, I’ll likely use the anti aging serum just to slow the aging process. I’ll probably use the daily lip care as well until I lose, which is bound to happen sometime in the very near future.

All-in-all I’ve got to give these two individuals credit for trying to fill a void in a market that’s often forgotten about. Hopefully, it’ll all help me look and feel better. I guess we’ll find out.

Ryan Seacrest’s Skin Care Line Is Officially Available Now
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