Ryan Reynolds And His $800+ Skin Care Routine For Awards Show


If you’ve seen Deadpool, then you know who Ryan Reynolds is for sure. He was recently nominated to receive one of the Golden Globes this year and it was all for his starring performance in Deadpool. It’s a great movie and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do so. It’s clearly a big deal for anyone to get nominated for this award and Ryan did not tread lightly with regards to his skin preparation. He spent a whopping $860 worth of product to prepare for the event. I should mention that he’s not the only one that went all out. There were lots of people that went all out for the show.

The Canadian actor wore a Gucci tuxedo and close to $900 worth of skin care product. Well, not quite but close enough I guess. After all, it’s super important for someone to put on their best face if they’re going to be on stage in front of a huge audience. The kicker, he took a very simple approach.

Ryan didn’t run the show, he had a professional groomer leading the way. His groomer is named Kristan Serafino. After doing a small amount of research I was able to get the scoop on the whole process they both took.

ryan reynolds skin care routine
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Ryan Reynolds Used $860 Worth Of ReVive To Prep For Golden Globes

Kristan Serafino stated, “When I work with Ryan my goal is to make his skin camera-ready with as little as possible.” Apparently, she does her best to keep the products to a minimum and the amount of time short as possible.

It’s pretty simple here, a quick skin care regimen and some grooming of the beard and he’s good to go I guess. The only difference between Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the guys out there, most aren’t spending that amount of money to look good. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not knocking Ryan at all here! In fact, I’m giving him praise because I know how busy he is, yet he still seems to keep his skin and health as best as possible.

Let me share some details of the exact routine. Ryan started by applying ReVive Intensite Moisturizing Lip Balm Luxe Conditioner. This costs about $60 and Kristan left it on his skin while working on other areas of his face.

She then went and did what most of us do on a regular basis, she applied a toner to his face. The ReVive Balancing Toner cost about $65.

Next on the list and this is where it tends to get pricey. Kristan applied the ReVive Defensif Renewal Serum Daily Antioxidant Infusion which costs roughly $235. After applying that, it was time to tend to the beard. No, she didn’t use typical beard oil, instead, she opted for ReVive Rescue Elixir Anti-Aging Oil which costs $285. The technique used to apply was simply applying it to her hands then rubbing it into Ryans’ beard.

The final step was applying some sunscreen. This is no ordinary sunscreen people. Ryan uses the ReVive Sensitif Oil Free Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen which runs about $215. Perhaps he could just drink the sunscreen instead for a whole lot cheaper?

Well, that’s all it took to whip Ryan Reynolds skin into red carpet ready condition. If you’re interested in checking out the product, feel free to do so here on the company site. Guys, if you’re not doing anything to your skin daily, then you are ruining your skin. Do your skin and body a favor, treat them both good and with respect. I promise¬†they will both treat you back even better.

Ryan Reynolds And His $800+ Skin Care Routine For Awards Show
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