Rub Crystal On Your Face, It’s The New “Skin Care Trick”


It should not surprise you that people do crazy weird stuff to their skin. They’ll do just about anything in hopes of obtaining healthier, smoother skin. Take a second to think about things for a minute. Do you know anybody that’s done an acid peel? How about a charcoal face mask or a carbonated bubble mask? Well, if not then you might be one of the few that have decided to not branch out and take action. The good news is that now’s your chance to do so and you can do it with crystal!

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Crystal Is The Newest Skin Care Treatment Trending

It shouldn’t be all the surprising that people are rubbing crystals all over their faces today. Specifically, some people within the industry are now selling rose quartz crystal stone in order to help consumers improve their skin.

As a result, consumers are buying the stone like hotcakes and they’re rubbing it all over their face. One facialist imparticular is suggesting that consumers rub the crystal on their face about once every week. She says that this helps to smooth out any wrinkles and lines that might exist on your face.

rose quartz crystal
Picture of Rose Quartz Crystal

Sure it sounds great, but what’s the science behind all of this?

I’m glad you asked! Apparently, this specific technique of rubbing the rose quartz crystal on your face helps improve the draining of the lymphatic system. It also is said to help smooth the skin and get rid of what many people refer to as puffy face.

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Some people that are fans of this technique are going as far to claim that it helps improve your eczema and even get rid of acne.

The funny part is, a decent number of specialists are beginning to believe that this actually works!

The reason they might be right is all because of science. As you likely know, cells in our bodies create energy from the mitochondria that exist. The older we get, the lower our “cell energy” gets and as a result, we’re left with aged looking skin that looks super dull.

Some people believe that the crystal may be the answer to all your problems. There are those out there that believe that crystals are able to hold frequencies and energy, which can essentially be transmitted to the skin.

Is it true? Honestly, I don’t have a clue and I’m guessing that many people out there feel the same way as I do. My honest opinion on all this is quite simple. Just try it out and see what happens. If you think it’s working, then awesome! You’ve found a super trendy skin treatment that’s going to help you look and feel younger. In which case, you should probably buy up all the quartz you can find in your local area. I’m kidding obviously!

But seriously, in the event that you don’t believe in this stuff and you’re not planning on rubbing crystal on your face anytime soon, then I suggest you take the time find a product that you’re interested in trying, buying it and just using it.

As you can see, the important thing here is that you take action and just do something. Sitting around or going to Sephora and “kicking tires” isn’t going to clear up your skin.

Plain and simple: Do something today for a better face tomorrow, crystals or not!

Rub Crystal On Your Face, It’s The New “Skin Care Trick”
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