Royal Jelly Benefits

We spend a lot of time here at writing about various products and their ingredients. Some of those ingredients are natural while others are man-made chemicals. It’s very common for people today to put forth best efforts to avoid anything that’s not organic or natural. One of those natural ingredients is royal jelly. Today I’m going to share all the royal jelly benefits that I know and how this ingredient can drastically improve the complexion of your skin. It should come as no surprise that this ingredient has tons of skin and health benefits.

Some of those benefits are anti aging related while others are healing related. The power that this ingredient contains has made it a top ingredient used by many of the biggest skin care product manufacturers in the world. Some of you might be saying to yourself, “What exactly is royal jelly and what are the specific benefits of using it?” Fear not, I’m going to tell you how you can make your skin better looking simply by using the ingredient on a daily and even weekly basis.

Royal Jelly Benefits For Skin
Credit: YS Eco Bee Farms

What Is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is produced by worker bees. It’s specifically made by within the hypopharynx glands of these types of bees. The royal jelly is a white-looking secretion that is commonly used to help boost the nutrition in queen bees. Doing so helps increase the health status and size of the queen bee. The reason this is done is to simply increase the lifespan of the queen bee. So, why do we care about the life of queen bees? Well, not only does it help improve queen bees health, it can help improve your skin condition as well. After all, who doesn’t want better looking skin?

The Benefits

Royal jelly can do a lot for your body as well as skin. We care about the skin benefits more so than anything, so I’ll likely cover that aspect the most. Here’s a quick rundown of just about everything that royal jelly can do for your skin and the specific benefits.

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Healing properties
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Anti aging
  • Nutrient rich
  • Sun protectant
  • Antioxidants
  • Immunity boosting

If a lack of collagen production is an issue for you, then you’ll want to start using royal jelly. It’s been known to effectively boost collagen production and help fix skin that needs renewing or regenerating. Renewing and repairing skin tissue is an integral part of the process if you’re main objective is to have perfect skin. When collagen production decreases too much, it will quickly become saggy looking, like loose flesh hanging from your body, and it can even become thin looking. All of this likely sounds like something you’d like to avoid I’m sure.

If your problem is skin elasticity then once again, you’ll need to boost collagen production. Due to the fact that royal jelly helps with both collagen and skin renewal, it’s become a staple in many products on the market. The use of royal jelly in both eye creams and wrinkle creams is staggering.

Use In Sunscreen

While I can’t confirm that this ingredient can 100% protect you from sun damage, I can say that it’s possible that it can help protect you from damage that UVB rays may make. I believe it’s the increased collagen production that helps slow the aging process and damage that the sun has on your skin.

How Does It Heal?

Curious why and how royal jelly heals your skin? Let me start by saying that it contains a protein known as royalisin. This protein is one of the biggest contributors to it’s healing powers. royalisin and other proteins are the reason this ingredient possesses antibacterial and immune boosting characteristics. In fact, it’s this very protein that helps keep worker bees healthy. It keeps them from becoming sick or having bad allergic reactions.

I can’t officially confirm that this ingredient heals wounds but there have been studies in the past stating that it’s helped individuals better treat diabetic ulcers located on their feet. Before you decide to use this to heal your wounds, I’m going to suggest that you do some more research on the ingredient. Find more studies before taking any action with your wounds.

Using Royal Jelly

If you don’t know by now I’ll tell you, skin care companies have been incorporating honey into their formulas for as long as I can remember. Many are incorporating manuka honey and raw organic honey.The Egyptians were doing this centuries ago. They were incorporating it into their daily routines to moisturize their skin and further protect themselves from the sun.

Using this jelly is simple, you can apply it in it’s purest form or you can find a cream or lotion that contains the ingredient and use as directed. Simple as that really. It’s always more effective to use the raw ingredient versus one that’s been manufactured and included in a product. Why? Well, it’s very hard to preserve the jelly, so the benefits typically don’t hold true too long in manufactured products.

Instead of buying this in supplement form I’m suggest you use it in it’s purest form only. The slightest chance of a supplement being improperly stored practically makes it useless and completely ineffective. Stay away from any powdered supplements or capsules. They aren’t worth even trying in my opinion. I’d suggest only using royal jelly in it’s freshest state and possibly frozen if necessary.

Should you try and ingest this, you’re going to find that it tastes very unpleasant and rather bitter. A good test is to see whether or not the jelly tastes bad. If it does not taste bad, then it may be fake. Add some honey or strawberry jam to help mask the bitter taste. If you don’t plan on using the jelly right away, then you must freeze it to retain it’s potency and effectiveness. It’s common for people to take 1/2 of a teaspoon two times every day with meals.

Side Effects

There are side effects of using this ingredient on your skin. People tend to have no issues for the most part. However, some experience bad inflammation. They may also break out in an allergic rash if they are really allergic to royal jelly. Skin irritation can occur and if you are nervous about this occurring, then simply test it on a small area of your skin before applying it.

Lastly, I strongly suggest that you ask your local skin doctor whether or not they recommend using this ingredient on your skin or as a consumable. Should you have any doubts, then definitely seek a professional opinion.

Royal Jelly Benefits
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