Roloxin Lift Review

True story, I just spent a ton of time searching on the Internet looking for the official website for Roloxin Lift. When I did my initial search, I immediately noticed just how many retailers and skin websites out there cover this brand. I didn’t know where to start, so I clicked into what I’m most familiar with, the Nordstrom product listing!

That alone shed some light on things for me. Now, I didn’t stop there, in fact, I spent time a lot of time on the official website as well as the ever reliable YouTube and Amazon. Now, many of these sites had conflicting things to say about the skin care treatment. That’s neither here nor there though. Here’s what you need to know about the brand and the specific product before jumping in head first and just going for it.

There’s a lot to cover here so stay focused, time to cover it all.

roloxin lift review

The Roloxin Lift Treatment & Company Behind It

There is a solution, albeit temporary, that momentarily solves the issue with those wrinkles and fine lines on your neck and face. It also helps reduce the appearance of those deep, dirty pores and softens the look of the under eye region. It’s a shame that the product lasts only about 24 hours max.

You might hear people talking about this product and you may think it’s complete bull. But I’ve done the research on the Roloxin Lift treatments and I’ve researched the effects as well as the claims. Lucky for you, I’m sharing the details and all that I know with you right here, right now. I’ll kick things off with the actual product.

The Product

The facial treatment Roloxin Lift is sold by a company called Demarche Labs, which is what many would consider an innovative skincare company. The experts at Demarche Labs have experience working in clinics and scientific labs, and they have managed to transform their knowledge into the Roloxin facial treatment, along with the creation of many other products.

What the heck is it?

I thought you’d never ask! The Roloxin treatment is an instant face lifting treatment. The product serves as a makeup primer that successfully attempts to smooth out those wrinkles on your face, leaving it smooth and fresh for up to a period of 24 hours.

There’s technology behind this product. This treatment contains something called SilicaLift technology, which helps tighten your skin. As a result, the lines disappear and the wrinkles vanish. It leaves you with what many would describe as a powdery finish that leaves you looking refreshed as can be.

How To Apply The Roloxin Mask

To properly apply the Roloxin face lift mask, you will need to clean your face. Be sure to use a high-quality cleanser and not just some old bar of soap. Once you’ve cleansed your skin, be sure to not dry the skin completely. Simply apply the Roloxin mask evenly on your damp skin. You can do this by lightly massaging the product into the skin.

Don’t forget to hit spots such as your face, neck, and your ever delicate decollete region. Leave the product on your skin and allow it to dry for about ten minutes. After the product has completely dried into what I’d consider a powdery form, only then should you rinse the product off. Next step is to pat your skin dry. It’s important that you not scrub the mask off. Once you’ve done all that, then apply whatever moisturizer of choice you use followed up by your makeup of choice.


You can’t use any skin care product without know what’s in it, right? That’s why I’m covering the need to know right here, right now! Kicking things off with none other than the main ingredient that makes the Roloxin facelift treatment… it’s all about the silica and silica silylate. These two ingredients fill in the wrinkles and lines, effectively smoothing out the skin. They also help “scatter” the light, so they further mask the appearance of those god-awful wrinkles and those huge pores.

Along with these ingredients, the Roloxin Lift also contains Aloe Vera powder (perfect for soothing the skin), and retinyl palmitate, which is a Vitamin A precursor perfect for exfoliating and regenerating the skin. This mask also contains alcohol, which may cause some initial dryness, but nothing long-term based on my research.

You’ll be happy to learn that there are no added parabens or fragrances, so this product is fit for people with sensitive skin.

Just a quick note about spot treatment testing: Always do a small test before starting a new type of product. Apply a tiny bit of product to a small area and see how your skin reacts. This way, you’ll be certain that there are no negative reactions to any of the ingredients that you’ll have to worry about. Nothing is worse than buying a product to improve your skin and having it look and feel ten times worse, lol.

Amazon Listings

The main thing that I was a bit taken back by was that lack of reviews associated with the Amazon listing. I know that some products don’t get a lot of traction on Amazon, but only nine reviews? Come on, time to step your game up Roloxin!

roloxin lift amazon


Here’s what you need to come to terms with regarding this product. It’s an instant face-lifting method that’s temporary, but it can deliver the results you want. You’ll get that smoothing of the skin with just a single application and that I know of, it cannot be matched with any other single-use treatment or product out there. Check out the products right here on the company site.

Demarche Labs offer the Roloxin Lift in various purchase options. You can pick up a pack of eight and a pack of ten. The price is extremely reasonable if you ask me. If you’re still not sure whether or not this product is for you, then I strongly suggest that you check out some of the videos posted online. Even The Doctors gave this product a run. See the video below to get their opinion of it.

Roloxin Lift Review
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