Rodial Entrepreneur: From Bootstrapping To Bee Venom


Maria Hatzistefanis is an uber successful entrepreneur that decided to take on the skin care industry in 1999. Her business is extremely successful and this bootstrapping entrepreneur is no stranger to the industry. In fact, she had a vision back in 1999 and years later she’s still at it and doing better than ever in a cut throat highly competitive environment.

Maria Hatzistefanis

Rebecca Smith from had a chance to speak with Maria and I figured I’d share some of the information with you today.

Maria founded Rodial in 1999 after noticing that a gap existed in the industry. She wanted to come up with some sort of alternative to cosmetic surgery and something that was unlike the typical generic products that existed back then.

According to an article published, Maria Hatzistefanis initially came up with the idea to create the line when she was working for Seventeen magazine. She had been employed as a beauty writer and worked her way into a corporate position with another company known as Salomon Brothers. This was her way to gain the business knowledge necessary to start the business. One day, she decided to leave her position at Saloman to pursue her skin care business.

Make no mistake, she didn’t start with much of anything. She didn’t have any crazy funding. In fact, she admirably created the business from nothing and did so through typical bootstrapping techniques. Focusing on the bottom line must have been extremely important to her back then and is likely just as important today.

Fast forward to today, she now owns an extremely successful skin care company, three globally recognized brands and a business that grossed $16 million last year. She currently employs over hundred people as well.

Maria Hatzistefanis is most known for introducing unique skin care products to the market. For example, one of her popular products contains bee venom. She sells a Bee Venom and Placenta 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Creme product in a tub. There’s a pretty price to pay for unique products. The 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Creme sells for an astonishing $750. Some people likely think that’s an outrageous price to pay for a skin care product. On the other hand, I’m sure it’s a lot safer and less expensive than the alternative route.

bee venom skin care

As Rodial continues to dominate the market and capture more market share through celeb ambassadors like Kylie Jenner and others famous people, I’ll be watching them very closely.

If you own a skin care company that you’ve bootstrapped, then I want to talk to you! I love connecting with entrepreneurs in the industry. Feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss things. I’d love to hear your story on how you got started.

Rodial Entrepreneur: From Bootstrapping To Bee Venom
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