Revision Skincare Review

Have you ever used any type of medicated skin care product? If not, then you might want to take a closer look at the Revision Skincare line. This is a line of medicated skin products that require a prescription. You won’t find the Revision products available at the typical beauty store either. Instead, you’ll need to turn to the local med spa, plastic surgeon office or your dermatologist to obtain permission to use this.

Lots of people at skeptical of these new prescription based skin products. I’m here to tell you not to be as this brand has been around for many years, 25 plus to be exact. They take things to the next level and even have their own research and development team that handles product ideation, creation and more. Assuming that you really want to try this, do not go out of your way to obtain it without a permission from a physician. Should you attempt to do so, you’re putting yourself at an increased risk that the products are fake and may even cause serious damage.

Lots of dealers out there try to sell these prescription-required products and the unauthorized sale of these products are illegal. Do yourself a favor and only buy from companies and medical offices authorized to sell this product. Trust me, doing so will yield best results and help you avoid any serious health issues.

Revision skin care reviewMore About The Revision Skincare Line

The first thing that you need to know about the Revision skincare line is that they incorporate both natural and man-made ingredients into their formulas. I’ll do my best to cover the various products offered but you’ll want to look into each product and read the labels to learn more about each. As far as product ingredients are concerned, you’ll find ingredients such as avocado, bamboo, beeswax, aloe, and even brown algae. To learn more about how algae is used in skin care products today, then you need to read this.

Other ingredients that you’ll find in these products are acetyl hexapeptide – 8 which is a widely used amino acid within the skin care industry. It can help improve collagen production which helps tighten skin, reduce skin wrinkles, make lines disappear, and tighten your skin. If you take a look at the official Revision skin care website, you will notice that they claim to use a mixture of ingredients with help them produce products that are as effective as can be without being irritating on consumers skin.

As for product use, this line has been created to help assist consumers to improve various areas of the body such as their neck, hands, face, and other areas. They also create products for various types of skin. If you look closer into the company site, you’ll quickly learn that their R&D puts forth efforts to both discover new ingredients and begin to incorporate them into skin formulas that they create. Do a little bit of digging and you’ll also see that they mention taking an ethical approach to testing, avoiding animal use completely.

The Company Website

I typically don’t spend too much time covering the company websites, but on this occasion, I’m going to cover what I can here. Visiting the Revision skin care site, you will notice that the products are not available for purchase. However, there are plenty of reasons why you want to take the time to digest information on the site. You’ll find that Revision provides product locater information on just about every page of their site. In addition to that, they explain everything that needs to be known about the individual products as well.

In addition to product information, the site has a physician locator that allows you to search and connect with doctors as well as clinics that exist within a radius of 15 miles. All you need to do is enter your state and zip code to populate results. This technology is certainly a great tool for anyone not familiar with which doctor they should reach out to about these products. If you’re interested in using the products, you’ll want to connect with a professional that’s well-versed on the products and each respective formula. Your primary care may not be well-versed on this product line, so it’s important that you connect with someone that is. Read this article to find out how to connect with a local dermatologist today.

If you continue to take a closer look at the Revision skincare line, you’ll be able to research each of the products, what the packaging looks like, what types of skin each individual product caters to and the ingredients in each of them. One thing you won’t find on the site are Revision Skincare reviews. They just don’t exist on the company website more likely because they don’t sell to individual consumers.

Purchase Revision Products Directly

You cannot purchase any products on the company website. You should also know that Revision Skincare does not condone any of the products being sold online. They are only legally authorized and available for purchase via a medical treatment center, licensed professional or doctors office. The ingredients used in the products are prescription strength products and buying them via the Internet through retailers and dealers that are unauthorized is a bad idea. If you visit the Revision site, you will find a list of all the unauthorized sellers out there.

Many of the products that are sold by those not authorized are most likely fake. It’s pretty easy to know how they do this. What these unauthorized users typically do is refill bottle or recreate bottles and fill them with formulas that are not even close to as effective.

Third Party Reviews On The Web

One thing that I always encourage consumers to do is take a look online and search for third party reviews. If you do a little bit of digging, chances are you’ll find all the reviews that you’re looking for. You’ll find that the ConsumerHealthDigest as written a review along with,, and others sites on the Internet. You’ll also find some YouTube videos covering the products as well.


Don’t even think about attempting to buy these products on the Internet or anywhere online. If you do, there’s a good chance it will not be effective and may even be completely fake. Do your homework before purchasing any of the Revision skincare products.

Revision Skincare Review
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