Renovage aka Teprenone

Everyday we come across new skin care ingredients that claim to be the next industry game changer. Well, we’ve recently come across an ingredient known as Renovage. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a popular ingredient that you’ll find in anti aging products.

Renovage is marketed as an ingredient that can help stimulate cell regeneration within our skin. The cell regeneration process is complex so we won’t get too deep into that. However, what we can say is that it’s an extremely important part of the skin rejuvenation process as a whole.

Renovage Teprenone Telomere Repair Ingredient

What Areas And Conditions Does Renovage Treat?

If you’re having problems with your skin and any of the issues listed below are relevant to you, then you might want to think about incorporating a product with Renovage into your skin routine.

Take a close look at the list below and ask yourself if you’ve got any of the following issues listed below…

  • Excessive Wrinkling Of Skin
  • Visible Sun Spots
  • Very Fine Lines
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Redness Of Your Skin

If any of these skin issues are something that you’re dealing with, then pay close attention to what I’m about to share. Doing so may help you get rid of the issues. But first, let me explain what this ingredient does in greater detail.

What Does Renovage Do?

Renovage is able to successfully treat your skin at the cellular level. It starts by creating younger skin through the use of DNA and reproduction. Various substances within the ingredient help to change the state of the skin at the DNA and cellular level. There are plenty of benefits that might persuade you to use this at one point or another. The benefits are as follows:

Moisture – Your skin will naturally increase its moisture content and as a result, it will likely look healthier.
Barrier – The skin acts as a barrier to foreign bacteria and debris. It helps protect your body and the use of Renovage has been said to increase the barrier function of your skin.
Firmness – Having issues with skin becoming less firm? Perfect, then this might be for you. It’s been said that this ingredient successfully promotes firmer skin.
Texture – Old or skin in poor condition does not have a nice texture. On the other hand, skin texture can be improved through the use of Renovage.
Strength – It’s also known to help strengthen your skin.

This ingredient was once a very innovative approach to skin care. You could easily find it in many cosmeceutical products on the shelves in any pharmacy or cosmetics counter.

Given that it has the ability to essentially reverse the aging process through the creation of younger looking skin, it should not come as any surprise that the ingredient is in very high demand.

What’s The Difference?

Most products on the market are only effective at the outer layer. They simply have the ability to improve the appearance of the outer layers of skin and not necessarily address the root problem. With Renovage, there are various chemical compounds involved that assist in changes to the DNA of your skin. They help by producing healthier skin cells that live longer which in turn help improve the condition of your skin.

One thing that Renovage works very closely with is what are known as telomeres. Telomeres can be found on DNA strands within our body, specifically with the skin. As you get older and as time passes, the life of those telomeres get shorter. As telomeres shorten, aging of the skin becomes the result. Eventually, with telomeres shortening and your body essentially being depleted of them, that’s when the skin issues start to present themselves. You’ll notice that wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin are a direct result of the shortened telomeres.

What Renovage does is it increases the life span of these telomeres and as they increase, your skin enters a healthier state. Fine lines and ugly wrinkles are no longer present. This is one of the many reasons why this ingredient plays such an important role in most people’s skin care routine today.

What Contains It?

There are many types of products on the market today that might contain Renovage. We’ve got a list of some that we are familiar with which contain the popular ingredient.

Delfogo DNA Cream – Read one of the brand product reviews by clicking here.

Your best bet is to take a close look at the ingredients label on each of the products that you currently use. You’ll soon be able to determine whether or not one of them contains this ingredient. Assuming that one does, then keep using it.

Getting Help

Some customers prefer to speak with their skin doctors or dermatologists before making any moves to purchase new products. I’ve got no problem with taking that approach at all. In fact, I typically encourage consumers to get a professional opinion before trying any new products or ingredients out. After all, you don’t want to start using something that you think is going to help improve your skin, only to have it totally destroy your skin completely and make things much worse!

Renovage aka Teprenone
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