Removing Deep Blackheads (The Steps To Take)


Have you ever had a problem with deep blackheads on your face? If so, then you’re not alone. There are many people that battle this issue daily. I’ll be the first to tell you that blackheads that become extra deep are super annoying and tough to remove. We commonly try to take the stubborn route and just ignore them or simply go about our normal routine.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it, my friend!

Many people never put forth the necessary time to properly treat these deep skin issues and they literally become rooted in your face. The blackheads form deep within the layers of our skin and at that point, you’ve got a real problem on your hands!

If you’re dealing with a blackhead pimple or a number of them, then I’ve got the answers for you.

I will start by sharing some tips on removing this from your skin in general. Then I’ll cover the more difficult area, the nose!

deep blackheads

Tips For Removing Deep Blackheads From Your Skin

Like I said, the good news is that blackheads on your skin are far less difficult to remove than those on your nose. You’ll want to kick things off by taking a bath using hot water. The heat and steam help open up your pores as well as soften your skin.

Once your skin is prepped and you’ve completed the hot bathing process, you’ll want to make sure your hands are clean. Using either a soft washcloth or a tissue, gently squeeze the skin to apply enough pressure so that the blackhead comes out. Some people prefer to use tweezers for this step. Whatever you do, be sure not to use your fingers alone. It can actually make things worse.

Some people like to apply fresh lemon juice to the area right before going to bed. They do this to help best prevent dirt, grime, and oil from getting back into your pores. I don’t necessarily agree with this step but it’s your personal decision really.

There are many products on the market that you can purchase to help remove the deep blackheads as well. I suggest taking a close look at some of the blackhead peel off masks on the market today. There are some that specifically work on problematic areas such as your skin and t-zone area.

Removing Blackheads From Your Nose

This is much more difficult than just removing from any other area. The first thing that you want to do is to begin by cleansing your skin with soap or whatever daily face wash you use. I suggest incorporating a scrub into the mix if you can. The exfoliation is great for your nose as it will remove dead skin cells and prepares the nose for blackhead removal much better.

If possible, find time to create a steam in the bathroom using hot water. Allow the steam to hit your face, but be careful not to burn yourself. The use of steam is to help loosen the blackheads on your skin. Try to keep the steam process going for about 5-10 minutes. You can then apply the strongest blackhead removal mask that you have handy. If you do not have one, then you can simply opt to create your own using baking soda and mineral water. Remove or rinse the mask once it settles on the skin.

The next step is to use a deep blackhead extractor tool. The blackheads on your nose should come out now! The last step is to apply a toner to your nose in order to soothe the area.

My suggestion to you is to skip happy hour today and go for the healthier option. No booze, more water and staying in to remove blackheads.

Sounds exciting, I know! But years from now when you look much younger than all your high school classmates, you’ll thank me!

Removing Deep Blackheads (The Steps To Take)
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