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No matter how hard we try and no matter what we do, our hands are always going to age. Some people like the way their hands look as they get older. But others are often unhappy and suffer from issues including neglect, sun damage, and substantial volume loss. This is all part of the natural course of aging, and up until now, most people thought that there was nothing that they could do about it.

One of the biggest problems that people face is volume loss when it comes to the hands, although some exposure definitely doesn’t help as well. And because of the volume loss, hands have a tendency to look old and bony. Most people would prefer their hands not looking like those of the skeleton.

Before photo is on top, after picture is on bottom.

What Can Rejuva Hands Do to Revitalize Our Hands?

Rejuva Hands is actually a dermal filler solution that works on the hands as well as every area of the face. When looking to add volume to hands, this is one of the perfect go-to solutions.

Why is it the right treatment?

It is the perfect treatment because it can replace the outer layer of fat missing from the hands and rejuvenate the overall appearance. By using this filler that contains Juvederm, the dermatologist will inject a filler that will provide more volume and get rid of the bony, skeleton sort of look that you are currently experiencing on your hands.

Is Rejuva Hands a Painful Experience?

For some reason, people are under the impression that injecting fillers into their hands is going to be a painful experience. The honest truth is that it is not painful at all. As a matter of fact, this procedure is almost pain-free.

So if you are worried about the pain factor that this experience might create, you should worry no longer. You’re hardly going to notice that the procedure is taking place while it is happening, that’s how pain-free it often is.

Juvederm: A Potent Ingredient

The main active ingredient in this solution is called Juvederm, and it has definitely been chosen for a good reason.

Dermatologists often use this product to provide ageless what will looking skin on the face and use it to eliminate wrinkles. But it can do so much more than that.

With this solution, you have the ability to plump up your hands and get rid of the skeleton look that you do not obviously want. The volumizing capabilities of the injectable filler can help to add definition to send hands.

An excellent point to note about this ingredient is that it has been approved by the FDA. That’s always important because it shows that the FDA has thoroughly looked over the testing data for this ingredient and agrees that it is safe and effective.

How Does Rejuva Hands Work?

This procedure is quick, simple, and quite affordable. The dermatologist will inject the filler into the back of your hands to help provide more volume and smoother, wrinkle free skin.



Rejuva Hands
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