Redheads May Be More Prone To Skin Cancer


It’s Friday and time for some facts that could save some redheads. Only 2% of the population on earth has red hair. That might not seem like much but it’s basically more than 140 million people. In the big picture, that’s peanuts but we don’t discriminate here and everyone’s skin matters to us, even redheads!

Turns out that redheads may be in a far worse spot than others when it comes to getting skin cancer. It’s all because of this ridiculous hidden gene too.

redheads skin cancer

Redheads Beware: One Gene And Sun-Related Cancer Risk Increases

Here’s the skinny one this stuff. According to some experts, if red hair exists in your gene pool then you might be at greater risk of getting skin cancer.

There’s a silent red hair gene that has a dramatic effect on your skin if you carry it. If you’re curious just how dramatic I’m talking, the effects are comparable to over twenty years of exposure to the sun. When talking about cancer risk, that’s pretty crazy and a ton of risk as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t worry, I’ve got some hard facts to share on the topic too. The LA Times recently reported that individuals that are born with two copies of this gene are likely more aware of the risk they’re put at. That’s because the gene causes red hair, pale skin, a ton of freckles and more. It makes it much easier to understand your risk potential.

The people that have one copy of the gene are in a tougher spot. They likely won’t even realize the risk. Another mind-blowing fact for those that think redheads still aren’t at risk. Turns out that 16% the world’s melanoma patients are redheads. That’s a huge number considering the small proportion of individuals in comparison to the world population.

Bottom line, if you have pale skin, freckles, or red hair you better be taking precautions to keep your skin safe from being damaged by sun exposure. You can also eat these foods to help out.  If you’re really concerned, you can get tested to determine if you’re carrying the gene. If it were me, I’d take precautions and save the testing money. Buy sunscreen and wear it daily instead.

I know some of you are reading this thinking that you already spend too much money. Well, truth is that you need to spend money if you want to take precautions. Healthy skin is super important and it’s not easily replaceable. Either save your pennies or get into some do it yourself activities that are great for your skin.

I suggest you check out our DIY section. I also suggest that you read many of the other posts that we’ve posted explaining how damaging skin cancer can truly be. If celebs like Hugh Jackman are preaching how important it is to protect your skin then you know it’s really important.

Redheads May Be More Prone To Skin Cancer
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